Not a Burden

We are told that we have to do everything without murmuring or complaining.

This is a lesson I have been trying to teach my children. It’s been on my heart for some time now but we need to not only encourage them to work but we need to encourage them to work with a right spirit.

I have been guilty of encouraging others to just get it done. Hurry up so you can get it done.

And then I hear God’s voice reminding me the things we do we want to do with a right spirit. We need to do it in love. Love for the Brethren and love for our God. Anything done without love simply doesn’t matter.

And then my in-laws come for a visit. Well I do love them if it comes more challenging to not complain. It becomes harder to desire to serve. And I am reminded because God is so faithful but this is another opportunity to show my children how we are to serve one another.

The love of God are to inspire every word we speak and every action that we take. Whether it is loving those who are lovable or loving those who are unlovable… we ought to love thy neighbor as thyself.   

My oldest son and I had a long discussion while we drove together the other day. We both needed a break from the commotion. We both needed to get away from all the people in our tiny house and all the noise. As we drove we talked about how we are to continue to grow in God’s word.

My oldest talk to me of a great value there is in God’s word and in acknowledging and accepting truth even when it’s something we don’t like. We talked about the challenges but we all face whenever the in-laws come to visit and we talked about different ways for both of us to try to show God’s love more.

This was such a humbling moment for me. It was one of those times but my son and I were able to talk about a struggle that we both share. Because the truth is while I love my mother-in-law I don’t like her much at all. She is very loud and very aggressive in her ways. At the same time there is always a story with an anchor but she seems to carry about her which just makes me so sad.

We have a small home but no matter how small it is we strive to fill it with Jesus. We try to show but our home exists to serve the Lord. 

As my son and I drove we talked about the things that matter most. Things like being respectful of others and honoring your mother and your father. The value of a quiet and meek spirit.

 And then we talked some more about how important it is to put on Christ everyday. That even when we are face with a difficult people who sings simply unlovable we can still show God’s love.  

Well our visit didn’t go as well as it might have it’s certainly was a step in the right direction. Cookies or bake and that allowed the kids to enjoy some time with their grandma. Board games were played with Grandpa. Memories were made. And I like to think but as every one of us took the time to be intentionally with one another they showed at least a bit of God’s love.

Certainly all of us at some time or just a bit unlovable. But how important it is for us to remember and to do as Christ would and did. Because truly if we love the Lord we will love the ways we are told to walk in. And they shall not be burdensome.  


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