Christian HomeSchool Hub ~~ A Schoolhouse Review

This school year has proven to be a challenging one for our family. Mostly this is due to the needs and ages of our kids (18 months, 5, 7 and 10).  Finding something that works for each one can be so challenging. And time consuming too! So I am always looking for materials I can use that are easy to access and fill the wide range of ages and needs, in our homeschool.  Needless to say I was thrilled to get an annual subscription to Christian HomeSchool Hub {CHSH-Teach}! For this review I received their CHSH Download Club  and let me just say, WOW! You’re gonna be amazed by this one!



The Download Club is a membership within the website itself containing over 50,000 downloadable pages of educational materials.
What a variety there is too! All of the materials are organized quite well I might add – by subject, by grade level.



To give you an idea of some of the categories available:

  • Languages – Spanish, French, Italian, American Sign Language (We used French ourselves)
  • Arts, Music, and Crafts – Art and Drawing Instruction, Music Instruction, and Knitting (momma likes the knitting!), Carpentry, Quilting
  • Language Arts – Writing, Reading and Literature
  • Math (there is so much here! I have one math lover and one math hater – both were pleased by this category)
  • Science – Human Anatomy, Biology and Marine Science (by grade level too)
  • Social Studies – Geography, History, and Economics
  • Electives – Architecture, Character Studies (we used thee heavily)
  • Bible Resources – People of the Bible Notebooking, Bold Believers Around the World, Sermon Notes for Kids, Memorization



With my younger daughter and son we had lots of fun using their monthly activity packets. These were lots of fun for both of them (my daughter used their Kindergarten packet and my son used their one for 1st grade). These had tons of fun activities in them – handwriting, rhyming, letter and number recognition games, coloring and drawing.  Over 200 pages for each one so we will be enjoying these for awhile I think!  We also used a number of their worksheets for telling time with my son and for my daughter we included lots of the letter recognition worksheets since she is starting to really know her letters and sounds. They have quite a few Learn to Read books that both my daughter and son enjoyed as well! I love all the reading materials that they have available for both my little girl learning to read and my younger son who is still struggling to do so. The materials are just amazing and so fun 🙂



My oldest son on the other hand has been all over the place with this one! He found an Introduction to Architecture class and has been working his way through that. He has also been using a lot of their art materials. He loves to draw and has quite the talent (if I may say so myself); he especially enjoyed their Cartooning for Beginners.  We also began studying the Vikings with a couple fun resources on the site and with the elections that are all over the news we have been working through some of the resources here on government and history. They also have a nice election section we plan to get to. There’s just so much here to choose from!!!!





  This is me before I found LOL


I tell you – there is SO MUCH to this site.  Whatever you are looking for, I am more than positive you will find it here.

I have even begun perusing the materials here for my kids speech and debate homeschool group; I love how I see this encouraging my kids.  Since we received this membership, this has encouraged them to find things they WANT to learn about and it gives them all the tools they need to go and learn! It’s a great love of learning tool i you ask me.


And for us mommas, there is even a community forum where you can chat and get to know other members, you can share your own creative materials, seek counsel, or just make a friend. I love this place! ❤

You can purchase a membership to CHSH-Teach as annual membership for $25 or a lifetime membership for $99. In my opinion this is more than worth the cost.





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