Labour of Love

I’m going to tell you something and it probably sounds crazy. But here it is…..
I don’t like cookies. I don’t enjoy baking them and I don’t really enjoy eating them. Now and then I may feel the need to munch a cookie or two ( usually Oreos) but I just don’t like cookies.

My in-laws came down over the holiday weekend to join us for our Church’s annual picnic. It was such a blessing because my kids love to bake cookies and I don’t. There is this cookie contest that the picnic has every year. So every year for one day we do nothing but they cookies. Three different kinds. This year my mother-in-law baked those cookies with her three grandkids.  
As we were talking it came out but I don’t like cookies and my husband lamented a bit over this. Which resulted in him reminiscing about those warm chocolate chip cookies his mom would make for him when he was a kid. Those cookies but his wife never wants to make.  

It’s because I don’t like cookies. It’s so tedious making each little one.  I made him a cookie cake for his birthday surely that counts for something?

And then it occurred to me. Or should I say I heard God speak to me. Clearly letting me know that it’s not about how much I like the cookies or how much I want to bake them. But it is a labor of love. It is a moment that I choose to do something that I know will bring joy to my family. Serving another with cookies. Taking the time and the effort to do something for another.  

There is that selfless things that we are called to do. There is that reminder that it’s not always all about me or you. Is it over?

It’s just a cookie but my husband and to my children and even to my in-laws it’s a sign of love. It is a way of giving to the ones we love. So it’s warm soft and gooey cookies are tangible sign of our love for another.  


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