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With my three older kids it seems I am always looking for additional materials to supplement our learning. I often find that using worksheets in addition to the topic we are studying, really helps to reinforce what is being learned. That said, Help Teaching Pro Subscription from is one of the newer items we are reviewing and enjoying. is an amazing place! It is full of worksheets, quizzes, and tests for a wide range of grades and subjects.  You can create your own even!  We focused on their elementary materials for this review and I cannot say what a great benefit this has been to us all.





Help Teaching Pro Subscription is a website offering an online subscription that gives you access to all kinds of great materials for learning.  There are lessons, quizzes, tests and worksheets ranging from early elementary all the way to the 12th Grade.  These are organized by subject and also by grade level so it isn’t hard to find just what you need!  Some of the subjects they offer are: Art, English Language Arts, Life Skills, Math, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Study Skills and Strategies. They also provide Common Core ELA, Common Core Math, Math Worksheet Generators and Printable Game Generators. You can create your own worksheets and tests as well although this wasn’t something I delved into myself. But my oldest son did enjoy making some worksheets, for his brother and sister, and a few for him too. This really is a great addition to any homeschool. Whatever your need this is a wonderful way to strengthen those weaker areas, fill in those gaps or even learn something new.







With my younger son, who just turned 7 recently, its been a goal of our to really get him reading. This isn’t a strong area for him so we really appreciated all the worksheets here to help encourage him. I loved when I saw him “teaching” his sister (who is 5) about the letters and sounds they make. It is really something watching him, teach his sister, as we work through so many of these. In fact it even encouraged me to have him help her with her own preschool/kindergarten work some days. My daughter just loves how there is a fun, short video for every letter. She learns the sound the letter makes and some words that begin with that letter too. It’s a great way for her to learn, she loves having her own work to do each day, and my younger son is able to reinforce all of this too as he helps her along. What a great confidence builder for this struggling reader!


Since writing is a challenge for all three of my kids we really appreciate the Write Every Day and Writing Prompts.  There are lots of different ones to choose from.  My younger son loved completing All About Me. Other topics ranged from ice cream to dinosaurs, superheroes and nature. Quite a variety to help encourage my younger son to start writing! And there there are weekly writing assignments (done with my older son) along with Opinion/Persuasive/Argumentative writing prompts and worksheets and research and reference too! I love this area. Especially since my kids just started speech and debate for the season. This is such a great way to encourage them ad help to build those skills outside of their group. For my younger son, it is a wonderful introduction to create writing. And since both of them do not like to write, this is a nice opportunity for them to choose a topic that interests them.



For my older son we have really been struggling with math, reading and writing. He is rather advanced for his age as a reader but tends to read quickly and miss those details that matter so much in a story. So I was really thrilled with the worksheets they had for reading and comprehension. One of the really useful things we used were the math tests. This was mostly for my oldest so we could really see where he was strong and where he needed a bit more work. This also helped to encourage him to learn and explore more; geometry has been of great interest to my little artist. Speaking of art, this was another area he explored quite a bit, mostly on his own. From visual arts, to theater history and even Greek Architecture (these are recommended for high school age) he really enjoys exploring them when he was able. And while some was a bit much for him, he still enjoyed what he could.  We used a ton of these!




This has been such a wonderful addition to our home school! For all three of my children I have really appreciated, not just the variety, but the ease with which I could locate materials to compliment whatever we happened to be studying (or curious about even!). Being that most days I only have a moment, it is a huge relief to be able to simply come to this site and quickly locate something fun to help my kids as they learn. In fact we have a folder full of worksheets for each of them; things to do as we drive to classes or are just out and about. Word searches and Word Bingo (great for long rides in the car or sitting in waiting rooms).  There are just so many things for our kids to do. A subscription to Help Teaching Pro Subscription costs $24.95 per year and considering the amount of material that is available and the variety of topics too, this is a steal! I appreciate this on so many levels – this is my go to as of late – for my three kids to encourage them as they learn!



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