Losing Our Wonder

I remember when I was little and everything so amazing. I could stare and all the night sky for hours on end. I would lay in the grass and just watch the clouds go by. And I was in Wonder of everyone with their different shape the color…..

We should never lose that Wonder. In fact i do believe it is that very same wonder that gives us such a powerful testimony when it comes to our life in Christ.  It is that Wonder that allows God to do so much in us and through us.  

Can I look at so many children today and I wonder where there Wonder has gone?
My husband and I were talking about this because the exchange dude we recently took in moved on from our home to another. And while this was never meant to be a long-term thing in the first place the experience did give us pause this time around.   

When we first began hosting exchange students there was always a wonder and awe about them when they arrived. They were so excited and grateful to be in this country and on this program. They had so many questions and they had to see everything and take pictures of everything! And I mean everything. We had a couple kids who took pictures of the mailboxes in our neighborhood. It was that new and exciting to them.  

The last few kids we have had seemed bored the moment they come off the plane. They are happy to be here but they are sure that the experience they envision is there in their mind is exactly what they will get. They come all plugged in. You have to pry them off of their phones and away from their computers and iPads in order to get their attention. They can message you and send you emails but they struggle to talk face-to-face.  And these are kids. Kids who have lost their wonder.   

I think about my own children. How quickly they can get lost in a screen. This is an area on my husband and I have very different beliefs in Period he is very tech-savvy and believes that there is a great benefit to it. To him quality time is a movie or video games with the boys.

I think of how quickly our children have moved from being able to spend time Outdoors skipping rocks and studying different leaves and flowers to today’s need for constant entertainment. Bigger and better and brighter and faster. And I worry for my children because I cannot let them lose their wonder.  

Life is so precious. Childhood is so precious. There is so much that we can learn for my little ones if we simply allow them to be.  
To be still. 
To be bored. 
To be lost in their own imagination. 
To be puzzled abdiel confused and curious.  

When we allow our children to stop enjoying and appreciating all these beautiful things around us we have done them a great disservice.  

Remember time when I see you a foreign exchange student because of all the silly things she was taking pictures of. How I missed that dear girl today. Simplicity enjoy that she had. The awe that she felt. Looking back it’s inspiring.  


One thought on “Losing Our Wonder

  1. Woah you are so right and I so feel thee exact same as you to about the children of today. I see it in my own. It’s sad because I have 101 excuses as to why it’s ok or justifications to allow just another 15 mins 30 mins to get this or that job done… My greatest excuse is my greatest disservice to them … I am single mom & it’s been my “reasoning” over the past at times. But, I only do things until it hurts so much, there has to be change. Then I change things a little at a time! & you know what, I have found in removing (not perfectly, not always, & not always capable w my teen cuz she uses it a lot for studies) the Problem the children only take so long, then they STOP MISSING IT. They actually Stop Asking for the games, iPads, phones, pods, laptops, video game machines; & they were thee first to go & admittedly thee easiest bcuz I do not like them! No matter how educational (I personally have found) minecraft is! 🙂 !!! The rest are so ‘small’ useful & ‘convenient’ it’s difficult to remove them completely. For now… Until then, we have no television & No Video Game consoles over the school week. Ever! Anyway, I only wanted to share my own experience & say how amazingly right you are & I have noticed MUCH of the same in today’s youth… I Miss the Old days of “boredom”–Ironically, they provided so much entertainment & creativity through them eh? Wow how times change… Wow

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