Powerful Things

I came across a note from the exchange student we briefly hosted this year. I am not sure how I didn’t see it before. But suffice to say it got me thinking.

You see she was not much of a talker. No matter how my husband and I tried it seemed impossible to have a conversation with her. Unfortunately while she was such a sweet girl without her talking it just wasn’t going to work.


I tell my children all the time you need to use your words.


Needless to say I came across a very simple and sweet message from her the other day in the room she was using. And it got me thinking about the Power of Words.


It saddens me that she had to write this and could not say this. I imagine if she would have used her words. Spoken words. What a difference it could have made. And how different today would be for all of us.


I think about how in the beginning God spoke everything into existence. He used His words to create something out of nothing. And so it is with us.




We do a lot of reading and a lot of memorization in our homeschool. Every time I tell my own children they need to speak the words out loud. Do not whisper them. Do not think them in your head. Speak them out loud. Be bold and be sure and confident as you speak those words.



There is so much that just one word can do. Think of the word if for example. It is so small and seems to be so meaningless but it’s not. I think about all the time that I have said “If Only…..”



I think about all the times that God says “If…”  if we will obey his commands. If we will humble ourselves and pray. If we will seek the Lord’s face.


I think about the words we write; some words we write but we do not speak. Is there power in my testimony when it is written? Is there more power when it is spoken? There is great power to the spoken word. How desperately we need to remember that. If we write it, we ought also to speak it. ANdif we speak it we ought to make sure we live it.



There is so much power in just one word. So we have to be careful what we do with those words. There is such a great responsibility that we have to think before we speak. It should be that out of our mouths flows the spirit which God has put within us.


How shall you use your words?




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