How’s Your Vineyard? 

So I have been reading through the Song of Solomon in my Bible for the last week.
I was inspired to do this after I heard someone talk about how this is one of the most misunderstood books in the Bible. They also mentioned how important it is that we understand this book because it is meant to be the blueprint for a relationship with Christ. 

I admit prior to now I have delved into the book once or twice. And every time I stopped reading a few sentences then. Perhaps it’s because I know as I read how inadequate I am and how unworthy of the great love that God has for me. 
I think of how the bride says she is dark but she is also light. Isn’t that so true of us? There is so much in US but we focus on sometimes. Too much darkness and not enough light. What a blessing it is that we have Christ to shine his light into those dark places within us. 

It is said that the closer we get to Christ the more we realize how truly unworthy we are. I always thought that was an awful thing to tell someone. As you walk closer to God you feel worse about yourself. But I realized but isn’t how that phrase is meant at all. The fact is the closer we get the more we do see our inadequacies and Imperfections and the more we realized and thank God for his goodness. Because none of us are worthy.

How good it is to be loved by God. How strong and so are we need to be in his love for us. I think too often weed out or deny the love that God has for us. I know that I fail my God every day. When I am impatient with my children or when I am comparing my home to another is. Comparison steals our joy. 

And when our joy has been stolen no matter what we do it will never be good enough. Our home and our family is the vineyard that we have been given to tend. When we are sending it out of Duty we do not have the strength or the ability that we need to truly do his will. But when we do it out of love it is the spirit that fills us and makes us able to do all things joyfully! 

I admit to needing more of that joy in my day. As I work each day to keep the home and homeschool all four of my children. And while I would not trade this for the world I also know that it requires me to be even more diligent in my walk with Christ.  Because I don’t have time to spare. Because every moment with my children is an opportunity and without His Spirit guiding me I will not be prepared to each day.  

I heard someone say once that they didn’t have time to pray. I admit I have felt overwhelmed at times myself and struggled to really truly pray some days I cannot pray at all? There is so much power in prayer. I have no doubt that we must make the time to pray. We cannot neglect prayer. We simply don’t have the time to not pray.  

The prayer is truly the main way that we keep this Vineyard. There is so much that the Lord has given. So much that he has blessed me with expecting me to wisely and Faithfully tend to it. How can I possibly not do what God has called me to?

So as I pray today I ask Him to search my heart. To create a clean heart and a right Spirit within me. I ask the Lord to help me to remember to tend to my vineyard so that I can be a blessing to others. So that I will be ready and able to joyfully do all He has for me. Because I know how important it is for Jesus to fill me up every day. Only he can renew and restore and bring joy to all that we do.   


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