The Cat of Bubastes ~ Schoolhouse Review

I have always loved listening to stories. I remember when I was a child in fact bringing home records from the library, to listen to Shakespeare and Dickens and all other sorts of amazing stories! There is nothing better than a good story! We have been so blessed again and again, to be able to review one after another of the awesome audio adventures from Heirloom Audio Productions! And we have loved every one! So when we learned that they had come out with another drama, The Cat of Bubastes we were super excited and eager to be a part of it!

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of BubastesWe have loved every Heirloom Audio Productions drama we have been so blessed to receive. Since we tend to drive a lot, these go with us everywhere and they never get old! The day that we received in the mail The Cat of Bubastes was such a happy day! My kids were so excited and it made the trip we were taking that following week so much more enjoyable too!


For this review we received the CD set as well as a couple downloads. There was the following:

  • Official Soundtrack
  • MP3s of the production
  • Inspirational poster of 1 Chronicles 17:20
  • Promotional poster showcasing cast and cover art
  • G.A. Henty’s original book; full color graphics in e-book form
  • Complete Study Guide and Discussion Starter
  • Live The Adventure E-Newsletter
  • Behind the Scenes Documentary

(The PDF’s and MP3’s provided are all available in their Family Four Pack)

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes



As are every one of their audio adventures, it is based on the story by G.A. Henry which we really love! My oldest isn’t a big reader but he absolutely enjoys listening to these audios and will easily spend every spare moment listening again and again. My younger ones really enjoy these too; much more than when we simply read the books aloud at home. I guess I am just not as talented as these guys are. haha


This is by far our favorite story of them all! If you are not familiar with this historical work, let me give you a brief overview. The story is set in ancient Egypt where a young prince and his guardian are captured by the Egyptians after his father is killed in battle. They are then taken as slaves to Thebes where he becomes close friends with the son o the family he serves. When the daughter’s cat is soon chosen to be the next sacred cat doors are opened to discussions of God and faith.  There is a terrible tragedy, they children must flee the city for their life….And as the story progresses guess who we stumble across?  My son was so thrilled to find, of all characters, Moses. What a great way for him to connect things from a simple history lesson to the Bible truth!


  As if the excitement and adventure and character lessons within this story aren’t enough..there is this phenomenal study guide. I look forward to these every time we receive one of these great dramas!  From Listening Well to Thinking Further and and The Defining Word there are so may wonderful opportunities to go beyond this story and really make history not just come alive but be something that is personal and meaningful! Additionally since my kids range in age from 18 months all the way too 11 years old, this is a wonderful way to help every one of my children to understand some of the deeper meaning in this story. For each track there are a variety of questions, sometimes it is map work, other times it may be defining words or thinking further about what it really means to be happy and content (good one for all of us right?).



My oldest, a language loving son, really enjoyed learning all about the ancient language form of Coptic. He has always been fascinated with the written word, as hieroglyphics and then learning to write various characters in different languages around the world. And all three of mine were fascinated to learn that being a slave wasn’t such a “bad deal” back then. Of course there was so much more for them to learn about the purpose of slaves so long ago; there was such an importance and value that came with them. I think we were all amazed to learn how well cared for, educated and provided for, these individuals were back then. Then there was the learning about the Dung Beetle (my younger son is fascinated with bugs so this was a treat for him!) along with some heavier food for thought and discussion about differing cultures, and how we ought to treat others. Lots of Biblical references and scripture provided throughout. I just love that about this! We even had the opportunity to make a little treat, Ta’amia.  My kids were not impressed, I however am hooked on this stuff. 😛



And of course there are tons of references and other recommended materials that they share so that you can keep right on learning! They even provide a Bible Study to help you really learn and understand for yourself that God causes all things to work together for His glory and the good of His people. Even when we mean something for evil, God means it for good. And there is one more to help teach on The Knowledge of God. How valuable is that? I remind myself often, no matter how much we know about God, it is meaningless if we do not know Him for ourselves. That goes for our kids too. We each need to have that personal relationship with God. All the knowledge in the world is empty if it is without Him. This is so full of opportunities – it is far from being just a story we listen to and enjoy – but it is a lesson in all things from cats and crocodiles, to Egyptian culture and hieroglyphs, strong character, values and virtues and even mummification. What is there not to enjoy? The only thing I am left wondering at the end of this one is….When is the next one coming? 😀



Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

Heirloom Audio Productions can be found:

Instagram: @HeirloomAudioOfficial


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One thought on “The Cat of Bubastes ~ Schoolhouse Review

  1. Crazy! I was just thinking about the “listening to stories” with my children the other day! I told them how exciting it used to be to lye down on the Livingroom floor of my grandparents home w a hand knitted blanket curled up listening to the stories! I too was a lyrically inspired child! Love the written word. I am so grateful for finding this post because now I have somewhere to start my search! I told my kids I’d be looking for these for Winter Months! 😍 thank you

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