Do You Stink? 

Andrew Bonar  once wrote in his journal, ” I felt drawn out to pray much for that peculiar fragrance which Believers have about them who are very much in fellowship with God. It is like an aroma unseen but felt.” 

Who doesn’t enjoy pleasing fragrance? I know it home I love to use my diffuser and I usually fill it with lavender but sometimes peppermint or orange or grapefruit and oregano even. These smells they bring peace and healing. 

Yet other times like when my children are fighting or when I am embarrassed to admit I am yelling and grumbling about the house that’s a whole different fragrance. I think of the smell of something burning in the kitchen. It’s not a good one. Some smells just are not pleasant.

And all that we do it is an aroma for our Lord. And even for those we encounter each day. What is the fragrance that others breathe in when they are around us?

It’s a tough question to answer isn’t it. If we’re honest some days we really do stink don’t we? Some days we don’t have as much of that fruit of the spirit as we ought to.  

Whatever are we to do when we find but we are not giving off that sweet savor? 

It begs the question are we spending enough time with our love? I admit to realizing myself that I have not been doing as much as I could. Or as much as I should. It’s so easy to just do what we’ve always done that we don’t seek to go any further.  But isn’t this how so many have lost their first love?

I myself have determined to be more faithful today. I have heard God calling me to go deeper and to come closer and I have chosen to respond. I will not wait and I will not make excuses but I will come to him truly repentant and knowing that he will forgive. Because he loves us so. Today let us all come to him in true repentance. But it’s come to him boldly eager to learn and to hear the Lord’s voice and joyful to do as He wills for us. 


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