Carol P. Roman Book Series: Historical Fiction Fun ~~ A Crew Review



Does anyone here know how much I love to read? If you didn’t know before, you do now! So of course we were so excited when we saw that one of our favorite subjects, history, was coming our way for review. We received a couple books in a super fun series, for review. If you were me and Lived in… These brought to you by Carole P. Roman and We were so graciously given copies of:




Developed by Carole P. Roman this series is meant to help our children learn about other cultures and historical time periods.  These are especially fun because they are told from a child’s point of view of the time period. These are simple yet also full of neat facts about the differences in life then and now, here and there. From clothes to daily routines and activities, jobs, home life, art, traditions, celebrations, and education there is so much to learn in every one of these books. And of course each book ends with a treasure trove of definitions and biographies to really encourage ongoing learning. (I think this was my favorite part of the books!)




Being that my oldest son has been fascinated with China and the language and culture since we hosted two students from China, we started reading If you Were me and Lived in..Ancient China right away.  This story takes place during the Han Dynasty which was about 1900 years ago. As he learned homes there are very different than they are here. Many homes had paper windows and courtyards outdoors. A mat was your bed and everyone dined sitting on the floor around a table, on small cushions.  We learned about the Silk Road, a major mercantile spot in history. My youngest son was glad we weren’t living in Ancient China because using chopsticks is way too difficult! haha  We learned about the great value of silk and the process by which it is made. My oldest son is now fascinated with calligraphy and seeking out various videos to help learn how to write in the lovely way! We learned so much from this book truly! About the family, social structure, the wy the momma/wife wore her hair….. We won’t be done with this book (not really) for a long time.  Just too much to explore.
And who doesn’t love learning about the Old West? My younger son is fascinated with the stories of cowboys and Indians and bows and arrows. So he was really eager to read this one with me. And since he is really still just learning how to read I was excited that he was so excited! This story is one of a family living in Oregon today in comparison with a family living in Oregon in 1843. My younger son read about all the work kids had to do back then; he truly appreciated the hard work that was required back then! He is my little worker 😛 The idea of coking over a fire really excited him too; next bonfire we enjoy he plans for us to make a meal. What fun it was to learn too that back then, a horse was quite possible, to receive as a birthday present (we know what he expects next year now lol). We learned about Annie Oakley and Geronimo (my son loves how the name sounds when he shouts it out!) and Wild Bill and Red Cloud. Lots of brave and hard working men and women we will likely continue to learn about in the coming days thanks to this book.
Next stop …. Renaissance Italy…Momma and daughter are excited for this one! In this story we are in the year 1483, somewhere outside of Florence in the region of Tuscany. I can just imagine the beauty. Being that we are big fans of art and literature as fellas science and astronomy, this is such an exciting time to be a part of too! My boys noticed, and giggled, about the famous Italians who were “named after the Ninja Turtles.” ha-ha My daughter though, she is five, adored and studied in detail every dress and hairstyle on the girls in this book. She was a bit grossed out by the idea of eating peacocks and swans however. 😛
And soon after that we plan to make our way through Ancient Greece where we will have so much fun learning all about the gods and goddesses they worshipped back then. Mythology is something that is always fun for my boys especially to explore. In fact we even have some old Greek classics we plan to read as we go through Ancient Greece. So we can really get a feel for the Trojan War and Mount Olympus.  We are even thinking of making our own Grecian meal based off of the items that are said to have been a part of their meals during this time.
I just cannot say enough about all of the opportunities within every one of these books for learning with our kids!  Talk about making history really come to life! These are so much fun for kids ~ As they learn and experience another time and another place, all through the eyes of a child it really inspires them to want to learn and explore more than before (at least this is the case for my kids!). We are really enjoying these books and are going to be sure to complete our collection soon!
If You Were Me and Lived in ... {by Carole P. Roman and}
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