In this day and age it seems that whenever we take a stand for what is good and right we are told that we are hateful. Everyone is pitted one against another. If you’re against women doing or acting a certain way then you hate women. Or maybe it’s the elderly you are against. Or people of different races? Regardless we see all around us how the world today has made it so that one is against the other.

For so many years we have been told butt what we need and what we want I don’t we think is more important than anything else. We have been slowly rolled into this idea that there isn’t a right or a wrong but their morals are relative. Have we fallen so far? How would it come so focused on the self?

I was reading this morning hope it comes through Simplicity and obedience. Isn’t it so important for us to cultivate peace? Peace it’s something we all need. True peace… the peace which surpasses all understanding and comes only from being in Jesus arms.  
Can we learn to turn a deaf ear not just to others but to ourselves? For so often those things that are thought and said still are peace.  Can we still a restlessness?

If we can simply be still God will speak into those moments He will heal and restore. We need only be quiet and we will hear Him speak. 

So often we ask for comfort and peace without truly understanding or being willing to live in simple obedience so that we may have that. How important it is to be faithful and obedient. Even when we do not understand. 

It is then that those rivers of Living Water will flow into us and fill us full. As the scripture says. Again and again we are told we receive according to the measure of our faith. So do we believe much? Do we believe nothing? What do we believe?

If we truly love God why do we worry about these trivial things? Why do we allow so many other things to gain our attention and our affections? God says if we love him we will keep his command and we will do so without grumbling or complaining but with joy!

Are we filled with an unspeakable joy? It is what we are to be known for and how we are to be identified. And when we truly love him we will not hesitate but we will be faithful in all ways.   

Let us shine!


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