God’s Got This

Have you ever just suddenly had an old friend come to mind? Someone that you haven’t seen or heard from you in so long? As you’re standing there mopping  the floor or washing dishes or trying to get your little ones down for a nap suddenly this person pops into your mind? 

I have this friend what seems like a lifetime ago. Long before being born again.  He was probably one of the few people but really knew me. He was my better half. We weren’t involved or anything just friends. Mainly because I knew who he pretended to be and who he really was. And well he struggled so many things he was always one I could trust.  

Outside when the Lord placed him upon my heart the first time I think I spent at least an hour just sitting and praying waiting and asking the Lord to do whatever his will was in my friend’s life. I would say I sad and reflected confound memories but the truth is well I consider him probably my dearest friend there was little that we ever truly did together that was any joy at all.  Oh what a mess we both work!

I remember this hurt last phone call.  When you think of me for being the one who was always a friend and when he informed me that he was going far away and that it wasn’t personal but I wouldn’t hear from him again. There was no sorrow but I felt. I wished him well and encouraged him to find his happy place.  

How I have prayed since he first came to mind and was laid upon my heart but she is this is doing to work in his life wherever he may be. And the other day I don’t know why I searched him up on Facebook.  

Shock and awe! He has a couple friends who are in the face. He has specifically one friend who I know and admire greatly as a strong woman of God. I did not reach out to him at that time. Regardless of how many years may have passed we said our goodbyes but I have to say seeing that there is someone who knows and loves the Lord in his life… it’s inspiring and it’s encouraging.  

So often we may think that our prayers don’t really matter. Especially when we’re praying for someone who we haven’t talked to for so long. We do not know where they are or if they even remember us. Like God puts them on our heart and so we pray. We are faithful and so is our God.


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