Are We Puffy? 

I love the phrase puffed up.  

I know it’s really not a good thing but it’s so much fun to say.
Regardless I was reading this morning I’m being reminded of how careful we need to be about our motives in all things.  
So often if we are honest with ourselves there’s so many little things we do in the hopes of impressing someone else. Or getting some kind of acknowledgement from another. About how wise we are or how pretty we look.
How important it is quest to make sure that we are not doing things with the wrong motivation.  Are we doing it for ourselves before Christ?
It isn’t easy to focus on being humble. Especially when so much today encourages us to strive to be great.  

Can we learn to love behind scenes? Being in the corner and not being seen?

So long as we glorify God in all things nothing else should matter.  

That’s so many of us are concerned with being seen. With being noticed and admired and befriended. We want to be a part of it all.  Who likes being left out?

Sometimes in life we get left out and we get left behind. Let us see the blessings in these times.  

Let us be quick to listen to God in those quiet times when we are alone and left out. Let us devote ourselves to living for God. When we talk less and when we listen more we can joyfully devote ourselves to All Things without worrying about whether or not anyone sees the works of our hands.   

I think of how often in the Scriptures it is said that they work with their hands. They work carefully and quietly. They did not work for others to see but for God alone.   

God comforts us and blesses us more than anyone else can. And most times when we are left alone and left out God is with us. Let us embrace these times and walk with the Lord’s strength and love.   

Let us be humble and strive to understand all that God has for us. Remembering too that is God’s gifts we seek to receive and not man’s.
Let us not be satisfied with anything less then the best that God has for us.  


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