At the Park ~ 5 Minutes

It’s five minute Friday – and today its all about the “park”


We were at the park in fact, just the other day – enjoying the coolness and the colors.

We haven’t gone as much as we would have liked this summer – now that it is getting cold out and fall is here – trying to get them outside to play more before its just too cold!  Wisconsin is a crazy place to live sometime (it was super hot the other Monday and now today we are all bundled up under blankets and the heat is turned on).


I have been thinking a lot lately – praying a lot lately – on how to grow myself as a momma and as a home educator.  You see, as I was praying and reading through the scriptures few weeks ago I heard, clear as day, that I an never manage my children as I hope to, until I have managed my self.  I need to be a better role model for them.  I cannot expect them to show kindness and control, gentleness and a right spirit, if they don’t see their momma showing these very things.


Being a momma is so hard!  It’s a good thing I have this great God; for strength and wisdom, peace and patience and guidance.


And I remember as I enjoy the view (kids playing happily on the swings and slide, a cool breeze rustling the leaves on the trees) that there is a season for everything. There are days that are going to be difficult; other days may bring plenty of peace and rest. But every day and every moment needs to be cherished.


We, okay I, need to have the right perspective. Fighting children bring about the opportunity to show the value of mercy and grace and patience. Spills and broken or lost things – these are opportunities to work together to fix what we can and to appreciate and fondly remember what we cannot. Every trial can help us to grow and shine if we allow it.


Sitting in the park I think of these things. As I watch my children play; I observe them making friends and planning and creating and imagining – all of them together. With a common goal. And I think, this is a good day. And we are all learning so much more than I think we are.


Sometimes a day at the park to sit and rest and watch the world is just what we need to remember how blessed we truly are!




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