Don’t Require….Inspire

I have been reading a lot in regards to the Thomas Jefferson model for home education lately. I am ashamed to admit it but my husband purchased these for me a few years ago and I just kind of forgot about them until recently. As I was sorting through are things in the hopes of minimizing our stuff I found them. All covered in dust….

We’ve been struggling for a while and are homeschool to at this point. Lots of Tears and lots of fighting. Not at all what I envisioned learning to be like. I mean one of the main reasons we homeschool aside from our faith is so that we can Inspire our children and grow a love of learning within them.


So all these tears and all this fighting…..


It just won’t do. And as I’m sitting on the floor going through boxes in the hopes of decluttering your home and our life in general I see this book. And flipping through the pages I come to a page that says we need to inspire and not require.
Does that make you pause? Does it kind of make your head hurt? I’m in trying to wrap my head around the idea of not requiring certain things each day…. I admit that this one is a tough one.


But I recently connected with a new friend. Someone who is also seeking to inspire her own children and as we got two talking we both determined there were things that needed to change for this home education thing to really work for our families.


We talked about our home and our vision. We agreed that it’s so important for children to have good strong values and character and for them to be kids who point others to Jesus.  We also both agreed that we want our children to find and follow what they love. After all when I our learning is driven by those things that we love it’s so much more fun!


Of course everyone needs a basic Foundation of reading and writing and arithmetic but that should be the foundation. And even in these areas we can still seek to inspire them.


It’s funny how as we talked there was so much but we saw that needed to change within us. Our perception and our commitment to this specifically. When we seek to inspire our kids we cannot determine for ourselves what it looks like. It is in this that we walk by faith.


I can I tell my kids but we are going to inspire and not require and then determine only a few hours later that they are being lazy. I think of hell often within the pages of the Bible we are told that we are not to judge because we do not know the heart. So is this true when it comes to home education.

There is so much but our kids learn that we do not see. I think of a recent group my oldest son was a part of. It was called flight simulation and it was meant to help our kids learn how to share the word of God with others. It was a beautiful opportunity for them to learn together and practice sharing what the Bible says with those who do not know. I was amazed by the feedback that I got about my son from the leader of this group.


Many Ways to Homeschool Many 

Can we ever really know what they’re learning? It’s so important for us to trust our kids. Now that doesn’t mean that we let them go and do whatever they want all day and it doesn’t mean that we neglect them. That’s not what it means it all. What it does mean is that we supervise and observe our kids. We know them and we seek to guide them.  We want to learn with them.  We want to mentor them!


And there is a big difference between education and learning.  A huge difference between teaching and mentoring. –


How we need to know the fldifference and then when we do let us choose which one and commit to it with all we have within us.



Let us commit to encouraging and inspiring our kids as we learn together!


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