he comes….

It occurred to me as I was discussing thanks for the friend the other day…. rather controversial things…. the Devil comes to steal and kill and destroy.  

We forget that.  

With the coming holidays there is so much division and there is so much deception but he can see more clearly than most days.    

Perhaps the rest of the year we forget that there are people out there for engaging and dark and dangerous activities. We forget about those people who participate in witchcraft Andrew Steele and killed. We forget about the lessons that we are teaching our children in every bit of our life. The choices that we make and do the activities that we participate in.  All of them say something to our children.   Into the world that is watching us.  

And I guess this time of the year as I look around and see the costumes and the creepy decorations in neighbors yards, I remember that there are people out there who are very very lost.  Most don’t even know it.  

Are we seeking God’s kingdom? Or are we seeking after something that was created by man? Something that was designed to steal and kill and destroy us? Even if it doesn’t seem like it’s not harmless?

I consider for myself wholesale them I speak against so many of the things that I speak against right now. And perhaps this is a rebuke of myself because we need to stand for the word of God every day and every season.  All of the word all of the time.

Regardless of the days that are to come we need to be wise and what we stand for and what we stand against. And we cannot stand against something for a few days leading up to a holiday but we must stand every day if we truly laundry voice to be heard. Otherwise I fear we are nothing more than a clanging cymbal.  

I pray that in the days and the years to come I can have more wisdom as I reach out to speak truth and to speak against the darkness that is all about us. God has called us to come out from among them and be separate.  I pray that I can call them to come out as well and that they will hear because I will call them everyday. 

Let us come out and let us stand out proclaiming the goodness and mercy of God and seeking first the Kingdom of God.


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