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We have been working towards more delight directed study in our home lately. With a couple new methods that have really inspired me, I have been encouraged to really give my kids some freedom, and a sense of ownership, when it comes to their home education.  Once-a-Week Micro-Study Pirates or Privateers You Decide from Homeschool Legacy seemed like a wonderful way to introduce this concept with my boys who both love learning about pirates! And what a fun way to encourage them to have a love for learning too.  For this review we received a downloadable PDF.




Once-a-Week Grab-N-Go Micro-Studies are recommended for Grades 1-8. These are a great way for our kids to explore and learn about one of the many topics offered using only three, 30-minute assignments per week! The study is filled with fun and engaging activities to encourage our kids to really get involved, bringing their learning to life. These are flexible materials easy to use in addition to any curriculum, or to use as a way to mix things up a bit because we all need to freshen things up a bit now and then right? You can sample this study here. But this is just one of the many studies they have available. There are lots more to choose from.





One of the things I love about this study is that it not only provides a recommended read aloud (momma loves reading) but it also includes a number of family movie nights (my husband and boys love their movies!) to further encourage learning! As you can imagine, the very first recommendation is Treasure Island and how could anyone study pirates without reading this classic?


This study included weekly lessons regarding the following topics:


  • Week 1: Early Pirates

    Week 2: The Era of Privateers


    Week 3: Pirates of the Caribbean and The Age of Buccaneers


    Week 4: The Golden Age of Piracy 



We spent about 30 minutes on each lesson; because of how this is all put together some days we did lots more and some days we may have done a bit less. These are very open-ended lessons. The activities within ranged from labelling a map with the Spanish main territories to reading about Sir Francis Drake. In other weeks we enjoyed a game of cribbage, my oldest son wrote his own pirate story (He is still working on it actually – with plans to record it as a movie featuring his brother and sisters LOL). There really is so much to do within this simple micro-study. 🙂




There wasn’t a whole lot we needed to get started; I mean, we literally printed this out when we received it via email and started in right away. Can I say my boys were a bit disappointed to find the pirates, outside of Hollywood, really are nothing more than criminals on the seas. But that did not take away from having fun learning about them! I was actually really excited because this gave me an excuse to get our big old world map out – Add to that, this study brought about a real interest in my kids to use and study that map!




Each week there is a handy list of supplies needed and the stage is set for learning. Activities are divided into topics like History, Critical Thinking, Language, Geography, Discussion, Vocabulary, Music.  There is even a Family Movie/Game Night.  There are even printable worksheets linked into the study to help reinforce what is being learned.

 AdditionalOnce-a-Week Micro-Studies available:Cooking Up History with the Founding PresidentsVictoria and Her WorldThanksgiving with the PilgrimsMany NationsWe really enjoy these studies; unit studies are such a fun way to encourage learning and still get all of those subjects in that we mommas feel our kids need each day (but with this our kids don’t even know that they are learning!). Once-a-Week Unit Studies are available in paperback or as a digital download and the Once-a-Week Micro-Studies are available as a digital download.  For your kids who are part of American Heritage Girls or Boy Scouts there is also the option for earning badges to fulfill any requirements needed. If you need a break, or need some help, there are so many great topics to choose from and in only a few weeks, there is just so much amazing learning that happens!  It doesn’t get any easier than this!



Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}



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