Who Cursed? 

We have been learning about the many ways to curse someone in our house.  

I’m going to go there sister being teased. Even though it was all in fun Bayside I determined at that time but we were going to learn about the power and the value of words.   

When I think of cursing I think of those nasty words. And the truth is I grew up in a home where those nasty words were said frequently. Not necessarily in anger or you know that was abusive to me anyway. Just in a way that was very casual. They were apart vocabulary growing up and we’re used as casually as so many other words are used today.  

And for that reason I guess it took a long time and a lot of prayer for me to really fully understand and appreciate the value of words.

I love words I really do. I love to write and I love to read. And I know that they are amazing things that you can experience with words. But the right words have to be used for your truly have the right experience.

We toss around all kinds of words everyday don’t we? I think about how my boys we play one of their war games and yelling that they are going to kill each other. Or think about when we see something and call it ugly. What about this current election? How many words and we tossed around that we probably shouldn’t have said? Regardless those words were true or not.

I remember reading the other day about how we can speak blessings or we can speak percings. But we should never be speaking both. How many of us can admit but unfortunately that is exactly what we do too often?

I think about the words I speak to my children and my husband. And I know that they are not always words that are kind. After a long frustrating day learning  4 the other day when I don’t think I slept at all that night and was just feeling awful the following morning…… I spoke words that were cursing.

This is something that cannot be. I cannot allow myself to speak those words. I cannot allow my children to speak those words. Regardless of our situation we need to speak blessings.  

And do you know that in every thing there is a blessing? I think of my lack of sleep the other night and how much reading and praying I get done in that moment? Well I probably would have preferred to be getting a good night’s sleep instead I was up reading the word of God and praying. Two things that can be rather difficult to do in the season in our home.

I read the other day that we will always have crosses to bear. Every day. But we need to learn to enjoy even the bitterest of them.

Blessing not cursing. The heaviest cross can be born in peace. We must live by faith and live by the cross. If we are truly confident that God has committed strength to us , his strength not our own, we will be able to live by faith and we will have a great peace.  

IF. If we live by faith. We carry our cross. If we are confident. We are still and if we know really know God is God. And God is in control.

We can still our time. We can still our heart   but only if we are willing. If we are willing to speak blessing. If we are willing do prayerfully repent of that cursing and turned away.

The scripture says but out of the abundance of our heart are mouth speaks.

I asked my children and I ask myself what is in my heart?


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