Physics 101 ~~ A Crew Review

I love home education! I love how flexible it is; we can learn whatever we want whenever we want and however we want. There is no such thing as “you aren’t old enough to learn that yet.”  Instead we seek after those things that my children are curious about. So I was really excited for the chance to review The 101 Series from Westfield Studios. This is a high school science curriculum that teaches science using a Biblical worldview.  We received a copy of the Physics 101 DVD lessons along with the companion Guidebook and Accreditation Booklet.







I really do love science. But I am a big reader and honestly as much as I may try to read science, I struggle to wrap my head around the more complex stuff. The there are my kids. My oldest reads, reluctantly, and my others are smaller and still really getting strong in their reading skills. My boys though are both very visual when it comes to learning. Suffice to say this was such a wonderful material for us to have, to help answer all kinds of scientific questions that my boys have. This is really an amazing science program!  There are over 100 hours worth of projects availabe, in the 20 segments, that make up this course . Some of the activities in this program are as follows:



● Making a Physics 101 Notebook to record all your work

● Research and lab reports

● Discussion questions

● “Mini-labs” (most items are typical things we all have about the house)

● Field trips


“All science is either physics or stamp collecting” 



It is recommended that you complete 2 segments per month. In the very first lesson our kids are encouraged to start their own “Physics 101 Notebook” to keep all of their work, research, and reports together. There are also pdf files included to be used along with this course. The Guidebook and Quizzes is a little over 100 pages but is full of lots of great material to help encourage our kids in their learning and reinforce the material being taught. This includes discussion questions and quizzes, to follow each segment. There are details from the video in text form as well as some fun trivia and commentary. We really enjoy the trivia!



In segment one we are introduced to Physics. Did you know that the word “physics” literally means “nature” in Greek? This is when science begins to study “the nature of nature”; what is matter and how does matter interact with itself (it has also been referred to as the“natural philosophy” or “philosophy of nature.”)?



In segment two, we learned why the sky is blue. We also learned about Newton and Roy; we found out too where the seventh color (indigo) really came from. I had no idea! As we progressed we had a blast seeing and reading about a somewhat local “Bean” sculpture (called The Cloud Gate, in Chicago Illinois, not far from our home!) and learning some cool things about the mechanics of what we always thought was just a fun and silly thing in the park. 😛





Isn’t it great when learning has that personal touch and your kids can really see it, for themselves, in their own day to day life? 🙂



We are learning so very much as we watch these. Again and again. Doesn’t that speak volumes about the quality of these videos? My younger son especially (he is only 7) has really enjoyed these.  He was thrilled to see and understand how sound is a wave. He gets it! And how about invisibility and the speed of light? This included things like night vision (my younger son has night vision goggles he loves to use around the house) and jelly marbles?  We found some of those awhile ago at a local science shop and my kids have had a blast with them ever since. And did I mention, in perfect timing with the recent Supermoon, was a segment that talked about the moon and the reflectors that are on it. Great segway into this lesson because my kids were so curious about the moon after seeing it so much bigger and brighter! I tell you, there is so much in this program, that while meant for high school kids, works so very well even with the younger ones!


(Is it just me or does that kitty look like Grumpy Cat? I LOVE Grumpy cat! LOL)



This is so full of learning opportunities! What a fabulous way to make something that seems so complex and impossible to understand, possible for even  simple mind like myself to grasp! And this goes beyond just learning and memorizing facts but requires our kids to consider and express for themselves, exactly what it all means  and why it matters. This encourages us to look beyond and since we are big on following those “rabbit trails” I loved seeing a program that really encouraged our kids to keep moving forward and learning more! Full of marvelous ideas – field trips, science experiments, videos and movies, books and more – this is a course that really does inspire us to learn. And then to learn some more!




There is also a Chemistry 101 and  Biology 101 DVD set available. I am hoping hat in the near future we will be able to get our hands on both of these too!  Full of fun things to learn and really creative ways to learn them, this is one that is sure to be enjoyed by the whole family too! What a fun way to not just encourage our kids to study but also come along side them and learn together; this is how we cultivate a love and life of learning within our homes! Personally I am super excited for when we get to Strong Theory because I just know, with this, it will all make sense to me now 😀   We are so in love with The 101 Series from Westfield Studios!



Physics, Chemistry & Biology 101 {The 101 Series}


Twitter: @the101series


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