Make Me Over

Any of you who have been reading lately you probably have noticed but I have been feeling about stuck as of late… I think of it as my time in the desert I suppose.

Regardless I know that we are not meant to wander in the wilderness forever. And I know but I can spend is meant to be something that helps us to grow. In so many ways this can be a blessing to us if we allow it.  

Then I read something the other day which spoke to being made over spiritually. Having never been one for makeovers I really was unsure of what to expect. With three children who seem to do nothing but bigger all day every day and lots of unexpected stressors for my husband and I…. what could it hurt?

I have to say the introduction alone really grabbed me. The first words that I read reminded me that my kids are not my report card. It also reminded me of the value of practical ideas and activities for modeling good habits and focusing on training up our children spiritual practices. After all isn’t the whole point of this to be making disciples?

I admit to being quite surprised how much power was within just the first words of this book. This was a wonderful reminder of the need to spend time in prayer and in the word of God.  At the same time what a reminder of the value of finding ways to serve others and give.   we cannot encourage our children to do that which we are not doing ourselves.

And because you may be just as tired and worn out each chapter encourages you with a practical approach to the discipline that is being studied. Whether it is finding community in the church or giving back to God there are lots of wonderful recommendations for how to do that.

And there are even discussion points or worksheets to go through. As we near the season which I know can be a strain on so many people giving and reaching out has been at the forefront of my mind. How to encourage my children and get them to spend time giving as well.  

I heard someone say once that we need to move beyond just surviving. We cannot live this life for Christ just making it. And I am reminded of that again and again as I read. How important it is for us to take the time to rest and for us to reach out to others not just sharing our faith but also those blessings which God has given to us.  There is such joy and Power in being one of the chosen of God but we lose that if we aren’t careful.

I noticed is when all it seems we do is break up fight and run from the next thing to the next thing. Or what about those days when we just can’t seem to finish anything. Does anyone else have piles all over their house? Shelves but we haven’t been able to finish organizing or bedrooms that are a disaster because we haven’t been able to finish swapping the seasonal clothes. It happens and when it does it’s so important for us to rest in the Lord.  

I think of how within the Bible it says we are not to be weird. And yet isn’t that so hard sometimes? Yes perhaps that is one we most need a spiritual makeover. Perhaps that is when we need to go back and revisit those things which the Lord has done for us and in us and around us. Perhaps that is why we need to start again. Why not? Why not go back to that time a wide-eyed Delight. That time when whatever the Bible said to do we did with such joy and enthusiasm.   if we faint not…..


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