Stop It!

Mommas….. I have been so tired. 

I have been so ready to quit.

Ready to throw my sweet little ones on a school even.

But then I heard those words….


I heard it so clearly. 

Stop doing it all.

Stop not teaching them how.

Stop making excuses for them and for yourself. 

Stop going it alone and do it instead together. 

Stop saying one thing and then doing another. 

Stop promising and threatening what you know you will not carry through. 

Stop entertaining and filling their every moment for them but let them be bored so that they can explore. 

Stop cleaning up their messes.

Stop making each one exactly what they want every day for meals.

Stop needing to fulfill every wish and want.

Stop trying to be superwoman.

Stop being more than you can.  More than you need to be. 

Stop serving and answering every demand.

Stop thinking they need to be happy all the time.

Stop believing the lies. 

Momma I encourage you to simply stop. 


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