Let’s Start!

Ever since I blogged a few days ago about the importance and value of me having the course and the wisdom to just Stop It!, I have felt like this is still more I need to do. And then, of course, I realized that when we stop, the next thing we do is to “Go”.


While I have made clear to myself and my kids what it is exactly that needs to stop, perhaps there is great value in letting them know what we need to do. How can we start? So that we can go forward in a way that is good?


So here I am  ready to share what it is that we plan to start!


START spending time in the Word daily, praying in the Spirit – NO Excuses! And in the morning when they wake while I am in the midst of it all, they may join me. Learning alongside me.




START making kids responsible for breakfast and lunch, they can help one another get their cereal or toast; they can learn together instead of expecting me to serve them. And they can help me with planning meals and preparing them (mine love to help chop vegetables, mix dough and make good stuff in the kitchen).




START limiting screen time. Regardless of wthe fight that may ensue.  We will not have good and strong relationships sitting before screens.  When they are grown and gone, this is not the memory I want them to have of their days with mom and dad.




START disciplining when obedience is lacking. Not after 3 or 4 times either. With a right spirit, the value obedience needs to be taught.



START teaching our kids to help; to help mom and dad, brother and sister. With a good spirit!



START planning our meals. And sticking with it. Consistently. And with the kids helping we are sure to have some fun times planning, prepping, and eating too!



START minimizing the stuff. Some things just have to go. Especially if they cannot be cared for properly. Things ought to have a place; if the kids cannot help clean and keep things in their proper place, those things simply have to go.




START treating my children as my neighbors, which they are. Jesus says we are to love our neighbor. I need to speak to them and treat them accordingly. All the time. Showing meekness, gentleness, a quiet (but firm) spirit.



START finding ays for Dad to get more involved, especially with the boys. Activities and projects that encourage them to learn what it means to be men and grow up seeing it for themselves.




START teaching my girls (one is only 18 months so …yeah) what it really means to be a Godly girl. Spending time with them doing those things that encourage a spirit and character that is pleasing to the Lord. Having that tea party; playing dolls, learning to sew and craft together.




START ignoring the whining and the manipulation. No tolerance for these things.



START seeing each day as the blessing it is; rejoice in this day the Lord has made.



START being and sharing the things that we are thankful for!




START praying together. For one another and for ourselves.




START learning together; making our home a place that breathes life into others. That is full of ways to learn and play that are good!



START being a mentor to my children; not a demander of “work to be done” but an encourager and an inspirer of opportunities!


This is my plan. These are the things I will (we will all) start in our home and family.



What about you? Anything you would add?


4 thoughts on “Let’s Start!

  1. We have times like this too. Giving concrete examples of what to do instead of what not to do is a great way to start the new habits. We’ve been paring down on the things int he house and its a great feeling to see the floor again!

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