Investigate Jesus


I remember when I was younger I was always fascinated with detectives and how they solved different crimes. Today my own children love puzzles and so they too are always curious about how police managed to solve some of their more tricky cases.

So we were really happy to have the opportunity to read and review Cold-Case Christianity for Kids: Investigate Jesus with a Real Detective.

My oldest son is very involved in our church is Bible quizzing program and also in a local homeschool speech and debate club. That said the timing for receiving this book was perfect.
We really enjoyed using this book together. And my son especially like being able to go online to the website to make his own little portfolio as he put together his case for Jesus. They have lots of fun activities and videos to help our kids investigate the case.




I love how this book begins sharing with our children what it means to become a good detective. As they complete assignments in the book and online at the Academy there are activities and sheets for them to do so that they can assemble their own detective Academy notebook. And there are little CSI assignment along the way too!




I love how this book encourages our kids not just to learn what the Bible says but to really think about what it means. It can be challenging to live for God much less to share him with others when we don’t really understand what it means. And then today when it’s seems our faith is constantly under attack shouldn’t our kids know how to defend our God?



We love this book! And I am sure will we will be using it often in the future. It’s even inspired my son at his speech tournament a few weeks ago to give what I hear was an amazing presentation on Jesus and the Bible. While I did not see it I heard from many how amazing it was that one so young is so full of the wisdom of God. May that speech bring glory to our Lord!




It is materials like this that Inspire and encourage me and our home education. To be able to know and see my children growing in the wisdom of God. To see them seeking after things which will help to do God’s will on Earth as it is in heaven. And knowing that my children will be ready to give an answer to any man who asks them the reason for the hope that is in them.





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