We are slowing down in our house right now. Partly because of the season and partly because of stumbling blocks but I recognize need to be moved.

We all like to think that we are obedient to the voice of God. I know I believe but I listen for him but I admit sometimes I hear what I want.

We briefly had an exchange student from Thailand and our home last fall. When I was asked to take her something told me not to but as the days went by and as it became closer to the day that school would begin and she needed a place to go I ignore that voice and well it wasn’t a terrible experience it definitely wasn’t an experience that God blessed.

I have been reading lately about helping our children deal with their feelings and I am seeing more and more how important it is for me to really learn how to be still and wait on God. Especially with my oldest son who is very emotionally charged; very sensitive.  my perfectionist and my artist. Full of feelings and emotions. At the same time I have been seeing how important it is for us to identify not just our emotions as they arise but also those emotions in our children.

Now I admit I was raised to stuff. How we feel isn’t important because it’s a feeling and so we need to focus on what is and what isn’t. Yes certainly I see how this doesn’t help our children to learn how to accept and properly deal with their emotions. My daughter accidentally broke something of her brother’s the other day. His instant response was to yell that he hates her. My husband was so wise. He pointed out that it’s anger because his creation was destroyed. And he managed to talk my son threw the situation and help him to understand the difference between hating someone and being upset and disappointed with their actions.

Yet when I think about it my first reaction was to tell my son that he doesn’t have his sister and we should never tell another person that we hate them in the first place. Totally ignoring how he was feeling. Not even acknowledging it. How awful is that?

I am reminded of the importance of listening. Not just to God’s voice but the voices of those around me who I love and care for. Because if they don’t know that what they feel and what they think matters what hope do we have? And how can we be like Jesus if when are children come before us with needs we ignore them or brush away their needs as unimportant?

I think the Lord’s Prayer. That beautiful formula that God gave us that tells us how we are to pray. And how often within that formula he tells us we need to come to him and we need to ask him for those things that we need. Those little things and those big things too.

As we pray we seek His will; as we go about each day we seek His way.   give us and forgiven and lead us and deliver us. We need to ask. We need to seek Him in all things and then we need to listen. And obey. 

The Lord cares so much for those things that we feel and think. Everything matters to him. If we are to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus training up our children and instructing them in the Lord’s way our children need to know that everything matters to us too.


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