Our Battle Cry

Let us Pray…..

There is so much power in prayer. And wasn’t it said once that prayer is a steering wheel and cannot are spare tire?

Lately I think it has become my spare tire. I hate to admit it but after my time with the Lord in prayer and in the Bible every morning……

Kids are hungry and there are dishes to be washed and meals to be made. There are continual fights to break up. I don’t know why I forgot but everything we ought to pray.

It’s no wonder there are so many struggles that we have with one another. When we are not coming together in those difficult times to pray together for one another.

When I am angry and use my words as I shouldn’t am I seeking forgiveness not just from the Lord but for my kids also? And I asking the Hub to pray for me?

Can we show one another the needs that we have? And ask one another to join us? To pray together so very powerful. What a wonderful way to equip our families to do great things for the Lord. Even small things.

I think of the story of David and Hell he never would have fought Goliath if he had not obeyed one simple request of his father. We need to be obedient. We need to be sensitive to God’s spirit.

We need to pray more not less.  We need to pray about that little thing just as much as we pray about that big one.

What will happen in our homes and in our families if we pray first?


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