Tis the Season to be Saving

As I write this I am shopping online.   For essential oils and vitamins and supplements.

I am shopping for whole foods; healthy snack alternatives for my kids.

And I am saving a ton.  Here at home!


How you ask? Groupon my friend. With Groupon coupons there are so many ways you can save! We have used them to enjoy a nice restaurant, rock climbing and lots other great things both necessities and fun stuff.


Its so very easy to use and there is so much to help your family, as it has helped mine.


Here are two of my favorite deals found on Groupon Coupons:


As I write this I am diffusing my Thieves essential oil and sipping some peppermint tea. Both  of these from The Vitamin Shoppe.

They have some great coupons to help you stock up your medicine cabinet in this cold and flu season. And if you like to do  to do things the natural way they have plenty for you to enjoy. I love the Elderberry syrup I get from them; the teas and the essential oils. Just what we need to keep our family of six healthy.



Or what about those groceries? Right now myself and two of my four children are sick. While I don’t often shop for groceries online, I do enjoy using Peapod when I am shopping online. I was quite pleasantly surprised by their selection and some great savings too. I mean, who would have thought shopping online like this would be so affordable?  I do love having such a selection too!



If you want to save money on those things you just cannot live without, you should definitely head on over and check out Groupon Coupons! You’ll love all the possible savings you can find!



What’s your favorite Groupon Coupon?


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