A Word for the Coming Year

I know many people are talking. Last year I chose joy. This year I chose mastery.
As I reflect on this year that is quickly coming to a close I have to admit that can many things I could have done better.

I think of our home education plans this year. And I admit there has been far less of a plan and I would like. If anything I think our home education has been a bit more chaos and a lot less of bath loving learning that so many of us strive for.

I learned the other day but my dear Aunt passed away. She had been battling cancer and Alzheimer’s for some time. It was a blessing to hear that she was finally at rest. It was also a reminder of the value of relationships. And as I remember and share memories with my family of her every one of us recalls her sweet smile and her Gentle Spirit.

I consider the many things that we have done this year and the many things that we plan to do in the one that is to come. I think of the struggles that my children and even myself have right now. What more can we do?

I think of how we do things right now. We do math and handwriting and reading and Bible study. We do them so that we can check them off and move on to the next thing. Or in the case of my children they complete their work so that they can do those fun things.

None of us are masters of anything when we are simply completing a task. We need to own it. We need to make it something that matters to us. And then we will naturally determine to master the task at hand.

When the Bible speaks of mastery it speaks of great skill. It speaks of being able to command or have dominion over something. It speaks to victory. That is what I want for my family. I want us to have Mastery over these things which are set before us.

Can we do more than just complete the work that is before us? Can we do more than just endure those tasks? Let us joyfully do all things as we do for the Lord Jesus for then we so not only finished the race but we shall finish it with mastery.


One thought on “A Word for the Coming Year

  1. Great word! Many blessings to you in 2017. It can be a daunting task to define “success” in our homeschool time. It’s an area where I struggle because I want to check off the list and move on as well. I hope to focus on our attitudes towards school this year. Mine and the kids!

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