What To Do

I have been thinking a lot in the last few days. Planning so many things for my family, for my homeschool and even for myself.

I tend to overcomplicate things. I know.  I know that I can at times be someone who turns that molehill into a Giant Mountain. And I am trying to be more aware of my perspective on things. After all isn’t it true that anything which causes us to pray is truly a blessing?



Regardless there are those days when no matter how we try and how well-intentioned we are, we just can’t get it all done. And so I came across a lovely list that inspired me to make my own, which I am sharing here. For those days when we feel like we just can’t get it done here are just a few simple things. They do not take much time but they are sure to change our perspective and our attitude and then bless us and those who are with us.


Many Ways to Homeschool Many

  1. Let us talk more. And I don’t mean just talking to be heard or to say something. Let us truly talk with wisdom. Let us seek to build relationships more. Let us take the time to learn of and from one another.
  2. Let’s think before we eat or drink anything. Seek this year to feed our body in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.
  3. Exercise our body and our mind. Perhaps we can take a walk about the house or play catch outside. Is it too cold? How about some jumping jacks or my kids favorite… a Nerf war.
  4. Read the Bible every day. My daughter used to come home from church singing a song that went, “read your Bible and pray everyday and you will grow.”  It’s the truth!
  5. We all have at least one relationship we could improve. I think of my oldest son. Let us dedicate ourselves to taking the time to build and strengthen that one relationship. Just one.
  6. Organize something. Most days our house looks like something exploded. I look at my kitchen counter today and it’s just one thing but today it is that one thing I will organize.
  7. Devote yourself to listening. Not just smiling and nodding when someone talks at you but truly listening. Encourage someone and Inspire them by listening to what they have to say.
  8. Learn one new skill. I want to learn how to sew and crochet and knit. I want to learn guitar and I want to read some of those old classic books. I really want to learn Hebrew. Today of all those things just choose one and enjoy. For me, it’s one Hebrew word.
  9. Smile more and laugh a bit more too. As one who is very introverted I tend to forget that if I do not show my joy I am the only one who knows. And aren’t we to be full of the joy of the Lord? Isn’t it supposed to be that joy and that love that draws others to seeing Jesus in us? Relax and smile.
  10. List one thing each day that you are thankful for. Again it’s just one thing. Today I am thankful for the life within me.

Some days it really does feel impossible. As I write this it’s almost noon and we have not really gotten much done formally. There’s reading and writing and math to be done. There are bible verses to be said and there are meals to plan.

If I see all that we have not done I certainly can wind up feeling down and out. And I could spend the rest of the day beating myself up for that has not yet been accomplished.

Or I can change my mind and I can see how the children all got breakfast early, they are showered and dressed. They are playing quite nicely together too. All of this has allowed me a bit of extra time in the Word of God. This has also allowed me to help and support my cousin a bit more as his mother (my aunt) recently passed away. Being that my family is not a close-knit one I can count my blessings that I have this opportunity to be present for my cousin. And we can enjoy remembering together.

It can be so easy to get down on ourselves and throw up our hands and quit. But we must remember : again and again we are told within the Bible to rejoice always. Cast our cares before Him. To pray continually. To dedicate ourselves to God’s way and to be always full of thanks giving.


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