Connecting ~~~ Five Minute Friday

For the last few days I have been really considering what it means to be connected. To belong.

It’s so hard sometimes. Slowing down. Remembering to put those blinders on so that we take the time to connect with someone.  

Which led led me to wonder as I read this morning do my children truly feel connected like they belong in our family and in our home?

We are also different. It’s what makes us all so precious. The unique likes and dislikes. The experiences but we have had. These are all things which make us who we are.

Do we Embrace those as opportunities? Or do we try to stay near to those who are similar to us? Can we stop and take the time to try to connect and make those people outside feel more like they belong?

I think of in the scriptures how God says we are all one body in Christ. Regardless of our differences the Lord is the one who fits us together. Each of us having a unique God-ordained purpose.

I think of my and it was such a gentle and soft-spoken woman. She was a peacemaker. She was never one to say an unkind word but she was always there to encourage and support.  Whenever my children and I visited we were always greeted with smiles.  She may have had very little in the way of stuff but she made you feel like you belonged. 

It’s that gentle and meek spirit. It’s showing the love of God to others. As the Lord has loved us so we are known by the love we show to another.

It’s about connecting. It’s about knowing that we belong. In our family and in our home and even in our community. In all the turmoil and in all the insanity in this world isn’t now the perfect time to reach out and make those connections?


3 thoughts on “Connecting ~~~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Hello, I am your neighbor at FMF and I am happy to meet you. Now really is the perfect time to make connections, through our faith in Jesus Christ and our desire to emulate him.

  2. Hello! I definitely feel encouraged by this post to step out and invite others in. Opening ourselves up to others can be tricky too, but the reward is so good. I believe this is a time where it is not only important but vital to make connections. I’m visiting too from Five Minute Friday. (#28) Good to meet you! I hope to be by again.

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