Begin with Gratitude

I have been realizing lately that our home is lacking the thanks giving it ought to have.  

Perhaps it’s just the way it is as everyone settles in to a routine again after all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

But is that really just an excuse? Do we really want to have a home that isn’t full of a spirit of gratitude? And what happens to our families when that thankful spirit isn’t being kept in sight? 

I have been working through an online class, Focus & Align with Sarah MacKenzie. 
I just started it actually. And I admit to getting stuck almost immediately. You see there was a workbook that needed to be completed before the class began….
Begin with Gratitude it read….
This shouldn’t be so hard. To list each person in my family and something wonderful about them. And yet as much as I feel terrible saying it I really struggled with this.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love all four of my children and my husband too!

And yet when thinking of something wonderful about them what first came to mind?

And then I had to list three great things about our home. At a time when it seems like plenty of things in our little home are falling apart. All at once. I thought of all the issues in our bathroom needing repair. I thought of the patch of ceiling in our kitchen that is cracked and leaks. I thought of the marker and the fingerprints narwhals. And the spots in our hallway where the walls are an awful mess.  

What a grateful spirit, right? 

And then I thought of my oldest son who is so strong willed. So determined and so full of joy. I thought of my younger son who is my miniature handyman. He is so into all the details. And he helps with so much. My older daughter? How often I hear her singing and praising the Lord and dancing.  Her smile and her joy really warms up the room. And my littlest girl who just loves to cuddle and be held.

I thought of my husband who really work so hard so that our kids can play hockey. So that we can educate them at home. His dedication to God.  His gentle and patient spirit so unlike my own.

Our home is small and there is much that needs to be repaired. But there was no doubt that it is lived in. There is no doubt that learning and loving takes place inside. Certainly it’s not perfect but it is home.

In so many ways I have been blessed. In ways that, sadly, I sometimes forget. And perhaps that is why this course is such a blessing to me. It’s a reminder that and everything we need to start with an attitude of gratitude. We need to be mindful of those blessings which we have.

I came across this idea online. Really it’s perfect because it’s so important for our home and our family to hold on to gratitude. To begin each day speaking thanks giving. Too often I fear we take for granted those simple things. What a difference we can see in our lives if we just take a moment to say thank you Lord.


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