Blogging Through the Alphabet

It’s a new week with us and here we are at the letter “C”. This week has gone by quickly. And this week has been a tough one for me who knows why. What I do know is that is his reminded me of the beauty of the cross.


We heard this lovely song that was sung at church the other night. It said,   “There’s nothing to dirty that you can’t make worthy. You wash me in mercy I am clean.”






On a day when I feel anything but were there and anything but clean the cross is a beautiful reminder but while I may not be Jesus is. I think of the cross and how worthless it all is without that.


I look back on a day that I lost my temper and I spoke words that I wish I had not. I was short-tempered and you’re not as patient or gentle as I ought to have been. I look back and I’m ashamed of my own foolishness and yet I look with deep appreciation towards God.



It all begins at the cross. At Calvary. How important it is to pick up our cross each day and Barrett in love. May we bear it without grieving or complaining. May we be satisfied to carry our cross and live according to his will.



How good and faithful he is. How blessed we are with every good gift which he gives to us. And every cross which he causes us to bear.



Where would we be without the cross?  It is at the cross where he showed his love in the deepest way. At the cross where he gave his life that ours might be saved. It is at the cross that we are made clean. We are made new.




Bless the Lord!


6 thoughts on “Blogging Through the Alphabet

  1. Beautiful. It does all begin at the cross. Our forgiveness, our hope. When people ask, “What kind of God would . . . ?” I think of the cross and what God sacrificed for us. Because that is what reveals His character.

  2. What a beautiful post. I seem to forget at times that it all begins at the cross and that He is there to help me carry it. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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