It’s Not Just Beautiful

As I watch the snowflakes fall outside, I’m thinking of how scripture says that He makes everything beautiful in its time. 

I think sometimes we forget to take the time to enjoy those beautiful things. Especially as home educators it can be so hard for us to just slow down. Just stop worrying so much about the mathematics and the reading and the writing and all those facts that our kids are so often busy memorizing. We care so much.

In the midst of all of this we forget to stop and enjoy those things which are beautiful.

I count myself so very blessed that my children truly enjoy beautiful things. They enjoy music and they can spend hours singing and making music on their drums and guitars and our keyboard. What a joy it is to hear them creating and worshiping together throughout the week.

They love to make things too and so there’s always a new picture going up on the refrigerator or a story or comic book to read. One day they even designed their own board game. It was quite an impressive creation too! They played that one for such a long time.

Being in Wisconsin it can be hard to really enjoy all those beautiful things that are outside sometimes but we have learned that taking time outdoors in nature is a very important thing too. Let us not forget to study all of God’s creation. It can be so amazing just walking through the woods. Letting our children lead us as we study those salamanders and as we listen for the birds. We went on a walk last summer with a guide who pointed out to us all that was edible were we ever to be stranded and needing something to eat. We even got to taste a couple of the plants.

 This spring we found a local survivalist who is excited about putting together a program for our kids. What fun it will be to not only spend lots of time outdoors but also learning how to do some of those things that perhaps one day we will need to know. I am especially excited because I have really been wanting to get into homesteading and becoming more self-sufficient.

It’s all about creating. It’s all about seeing something beautiful perhaps we’re at a quick glance there is nothing at all. We live in a world that is so fast paced. A world where everyone is so busy. We have to choose not to get too busy. And we have to look up. Our children need to see us looking up.

There’s so much beauty all around us and what a difference it can make in our lives and our attitudes when we take it all in. So as we live and we learn together let us be sure not to forget how important it is for our kids to see and learn to appreciate the many beautiful things out there.


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