Don’t Ask Why

Perhaps it’s the season we are in. This cold weather and the lack of sunshine. I am not sure what it is but lately I have been sitting and really pondering…..”why.”

It started in the midst of worship service at church last week. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep the night before or maybe just the fact but I was feeling a little off to begin with but as we still their hands raised singing to the Lord.. I begin to wonder why?

I love to come before the Lord and worship. And I really do like our church so please know that I am not assaulting anyone here. I’m not trying to be critical or judgemental but sometimes it’s not a bad thing to stop and ask questions.. 

Power in our worship when we truly understand and are in one accord with the words being spoken and sung. I think sometimes we get so used to singing those songs and speaking those words, we shout hallelujah and amen…. but perhaps our heart and our mind really don’t feel the way we sound.

I was reading the other day on the history of the church. No please tell me. I am not trying to speak against the church because it’s something we all need desperately. But I also know that too often we forget but it’s not really the building but our own bodies that are the realtor. We cannot get so caught up in a building and a group of people but we lose sight of what matters most.

The truth of the matter is and God’s word says it is so, that one day there will be so many who love God and have spent their lives working for the Lord and yet God will say to them I never knew you.  We can be so in love with Jesus and we can spend all of our Lives doing what our heart tells us he would have us to do and yet still be so lost.

The word of God says but we are destroyed by lack of knowledge. And isn’t that so true? Especially today? There’s so much information out there. Everyone is so busy. We are constantly inundated with information. And not all of it is true or good or pure or right….. we can find any opinion or belief confirmed and denied all with a couple keystrokes.

We have to be Discerning. We have to know the word of God for ourselves. We need to know Jesus the author of it all! We cannot afford to be so caught up in Traditions and rituals that are empty. There is a way that is right. And there is only one. To imply that there is truth certainly means there can be no more. Only one way.

Whatever it is we are doing and whatever it is we think we know let us cast it aside. Let us test it according to the word of God. Let us go before him eager and willing and humble. For the teacher is truly only as great as his master and if I master is anything that is join with the world…. being wise as serpents gentle as doves.

And never be afraid to just ask why!


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