Five Minutes ~~Breathe ♡

Today has been a challenging day to say the least.
We have a last minute visitor. A sweet Mama friend from church needed someone to watch her son and how could I say no?
For some time I have just felt in my spirit the Lord asking me to reach out and just serve more. To show more love…

With a friend in the house however my oldest son has determined that he just doesn’t feel like doing his work. Or rather he doesn’t feel like doing it well.

It’s Mama it’s all about things being done the right way. I’m so as you can imagine his rebellion….a tired momma who hasn’t slept much lately….

Time to breathe. There is a need for that breathe of heaven.  As I remind and myself but nothing is impossible and anything but it’s hard it’s worth doing. And worth doing well.

Deep breaths. It clears my mind and it helps me to remember that it’s about grace. It’s about showing love as hard as that may be when he is staring me down with that angry rebellious face. 

But is it not the same face that God sees on me some days? We all bear the image of our Lord. It is so important to just breathe. So that that we do not forget that every one of us is an image bearer. 

How can you love God if we cannot love those who are his creation?

If we just take the time to slow down and breathe we can clearly see His hand and His heart. 


One thought on “Five Minutes ~~Breathe ♡

  1. It’s funny when we ask for more ways to serve and then we get them, and then they are not exactly what we had in mind. 🙂
    Taking the breath, though, I have found it to be extremely helpful and wrote about the same thing on mine. 🙂
    Your neighbor on FMF

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