It’s Time for Times Alive! (The Review Crew is Back!)

My oldest son has an amazing memory! He has been a Bible Quizzer since he was 6 (memorizing a 100+ scriptures each year).  He is also active in a local speech and debate group where memorizing information is key to proper presentation. He sings with our church choir; he memorizes every song with ease. And yet, when it comes to times tables – we are stuck.  He struggles to remember; he gets frustrated and can’t focus. He just cannot, however he tries, memorize these numbers. Enter in, Times Aliveonline lessons full of fun animated songs and stories to help our kids learn Times Tables the Fun Way. The songs and stories are lots of fun, super funny, and each lesson is just the right length! We were given a three month subscription to this program but since the time needed to complete this varies from student to student, subscriptions are on a month to month basis.  And this is so fun, you might have to make your kids stop each day. 🙂







Times Alive! It is fun, interactive and so engaging. What a great way for our kids to learn their times tables.  This covers all of the facts for numbers 0-9 .  With fun and silly songs that you may find yourself singing throughout the day, while cleaning the house or driving around town – the stories and songs that they use are definitely unforgettable! Doesn’t that make it so much easier to help our kids master their times tables? It really works!  This really is Times Tables the Fun Way!





These lessons are so creative and well thought out! Each lesson has a theme, as you can see in this image. As each lesson is completed there are speed drills and reviews to be completed. The lessons are short and simple.  There are only 18 lessons to be completed and you can even go back and review them as often as you like. We did that ourselves with a few of them. And of course, there is a student progress report for us mommas to be able to keep track of progress. It is very helpful too in showing where there are some struggles in learning.





As each new lesson unfolds, they also have fun activities to complete. My oldest son did lament that he couldn’t print this and then color it in himself. They do offer a student workbook for this program although we did not receive this ourselves. If you have some of those creative kids, may be worth getting  a copy for them.



Do you Remember? This is one of our favorite activities to help with learning. As my son would complete this, I often could hear him singing the songs for each one pictured. Such a fun variety of characters and topics used. Every time I think about how creative and silly this program really is, I have to smile. It’s just been such a blessing to my boys. Honestly, math has never been something my oldest has enjoyed (math time is typically full of groans and tears and fighting) but he is eager and excited to do this program. Every time.





This is a wonderful program! Simple, fun lessons that really draw our kids in and make them want to learn. Doesn’t that make all the difference too?  Between movies and songs and painting fun, our kids are kept active and involved as they learn. And it all happens so quickly too. As the activities are completed you can see the number of correct answers, the overall score, and the time it took to complete the activity.





If you aren’t sure it can really be this easy to master the times tables, just check out the sample lesson above! I have to say this is one of those programs that I definitely recommend to everyone! Especially is you have younger ones.  It really is a terrific way to make memorizing the tables lots more fun!


Times Tables the Fun Way {Review} 




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