What Do We Sing For? 

I do so love music ! I have always believed that it can be such a powerful tool. It can heal us when we are not well and it can energize us when we are feeling slow. Is there anything that can change our spirit more quickly than a good tune? 

I especially love music that reminds me how good our God is. Personally I am most fond of those old hymns that speak and sing gospel truths. Every word reminding us of God’s goodness and mercy and grace.As the deer panteth….. songs that remind me of God’s promises and songs that help me rember to ficus on things eternal. 

We sang some beautiful ones the other night in our worship service. Not oldies but still goodies. We rejoiced in how glorious our God is. We sang of His undying love for us.  We sang of how we are here to worship Him and that we will always worship Him.

As I sang these lyrics, I began to think of Peter and how he swore he would  always be at Jesus side.  And yet we read how three times he denied him. In the Lord’s hour of need Peter denied him.Are we singing to remind ourselves of what we need to do? Or are we deceiving ourselves and merely doing lip service to God as we sing?

I began to wonder….when we sing ( when I sing) is is really about how good He is or how good we are?  Do we sing it heartfelt, believing deeply every word? May the words inspire us and remind us of wgag we ought to do? Or are we just singing another song? 

Sometimes I wonder if the songs we sing really mean anything. Have we become so familiar with them that they have lost any real meaning? Do they still stir that passion within us and remind us of why we love the Lord and why we live for the Lord?

I think of all the good things that God has for us. I think of how beautiful heaven I must be and I consider myself truly blessed every day that the Lord considers me worthy to be his. I do not ever want to lose the awe that I have for my Lord and my salvation and how He loves me. 

We have to be honest with ourselves.  I think of how the scripture says “search me”. Are we truly? Honetly? Humbly? 

We can all get that place where we are tired, the fire doesnt burn as hot, we just don’t feel “in” love.  It is in those times we need to press on, we need to search witihn and find if there be any wicked way (or restless and bored and tired or whatever kind of us) in us. 

It happens.  But let us not become weary of loving and worshipping Him. For there is such power and such freedom in our worship.  Love him and sing to Him. And do it because you believe every single word. 


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