Where Will We Go? 

Today is my birthday of a sort. 😆
Seven years ago today I chose to answer the call of my Jesus. I went down into the water baptized in Jesus name. I worshipped and praised Him for this new life and I spoke in other tongues filled with God’s spirit. It was an experience like no other!

And this changed everything for me.

This morning I read about Elijah’s answer to God’s call. I’ve read it a hundred times and yet it was still such a powerful message reminder for me today. Am I willing to forsake all for Jesus? 

I think of how Elijah destroyed everything. Before he left his home to follow the Lord he made sure that there was nothing, not a thing, for him to go back to. Tea remove every Temptations and everything that could cause him to hesitate or turn away from the service he was called to.

This world is full of temptations. Idols everywhere. There’s so much to distract us and turn us from Jesus. If we aren’t careful, if we are not truly sold out to Him, how long will we really last?

I think of Ruth and Naomi. Willing to forsake friends and family and go to a strange new place with her mother-in-law. She didn’t go back. What an amazing story of loyalty and love. I love how she says “your God will be my God and your people my people.”
What an,amazing willingness to forsake all.  Eager, determined. She was not going back. She was giving all she had. 

I think those the many I have seen that give themselves to the Lord.  And then they go home. Something got in their way, hard times came. They didn’t truly understand their need. They werent truly in love. 

Perhaps some people will say that we go too far. I have been told I take this thing way too seriously. I have heard it said but I just want to be happy. The little things just dont matter. But is that true really?

I think of Elijah and I imagine…. if he had kept all of his stuff . If he had not  destroyed his life  before, when it got hard and when people came against him would he have gone home?

Time and again we see how God blesses His people giving them land and so much more. He says do not do as they do and do not worship with them. Do not take part in their festivals. He tells us that we will be blessed, if we just remain close to Him. If we just make sure that we are in the world but not of the world. 

So often the things of this world cause many to linger. To look back. We aren’t sure that this one little thing will really do us any harm. We forget that God is good. We do not truly believe that God will provide.  

There is nothing that this world has for thise who are truly His people. There is no worldly thing that could possibly compare to the love and the blessings that God has for every one of his children.

But we have to be willing. Are we willing to step out in faith? Instead of listing the reasons why we can’t a mama who are home with our baby can’t we believe on the Lord and come home? Can’t we live as though we are healed instead of dying inside? Can’t we reach out with our empty hands and know that God will fill them? 

I love knowing that the life that I live today it is impossible with man but with God it is all more than possible.

The scripture says there is a way that is right. It says that the way is narrow that leads to salvation. When we truly find Jesus nothing else will matter.


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