Five Minutes…

What comes to mind when we think of the word weakness?

The way I was raised if you were weak you needed someone else. You were unable to do things on your own. Perhaps you were overly emotional. If I was raised whatever you needed but you were unable to it was a form of weakness.

Of course once I heard the Lord calling and responded iLearn so much. So many things so very different from what I had a thought. It is better to be weak than to be strong is it not?

It does not matter what we do if we do not do it all in love. If we make up our mind how we feel and no matter how weak we may be God will take care of everything else.

It’s good for us to be aware of our weaknesses. Physical weakness or spiritual weakness. Our strength should come from him. Our weakness should show God’s strength in us to others.
Isn’t it amazing how strong we really are when we begin to understand how weak we truly are? When we are weak we admit our mistakes and we can face them. When we are weak we are teachable. We are humble. Whatever we do we do it with a desire to help. Because on our weakness we acknowledge that it’s not about us.

I pray that God keep me faithful. It is by his grace for he is the one who began a good work within me and I know whatever he does will prosper.

How we need to be patient not just with others but also with ourselves. May we let the Lord do his work with him peacefully quietly. Let us never trust in our own power or knowledge come in weakness and humility before God.


3 thoughts on “Five Minutes…

  1. This is a truth that we learn when we come to the Lord. It is contrary to the viewpoint of our culture. So many good points in your post “It is God that has begun a good work in me” and “we need to be patient with ourselves and others”. I’m your neighbor at FMF. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Hello, Jennifer! You have a lot of great things to say here. I really enjoyed your thoughts of admitting our weakness, that there is humility in that. Thanks for sharing.
    Visiting you here at FMF 😊

  3. So true that weakness can be a good thing in letting us see our need of God. Also that we need to be patient with ourselves and others and accept our weaknesses. Visiting from FMF.

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