History Through the Ages: Project Passport ~ It’s Crew Review Time

I may have mentioned before that one of my family’s favorite things to study is history. If I haven’t, I am saying it now. History is so much fun to learn together and now that we are using Home School in the Woods, and their HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece, it is even more fun than before! We received a digital copy to use at my oldest son’s request since he has been really interested in all things Greek as of late. If you are looking for a way to make some of those old stories come alive, this is such a fabulous way to do it. 🙂







There are four different time historical topics available to choose from: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, The Middle Ages, and Renaissance and Reformation. My oldest son chose Ancient Greece (recommended for grades 3-8). This program includes 25 “stops” which encourage our children to learn more about Greek mythology, Greek government, Everyday Life, Medicine, the Arts, Greeks and Jews, and SO much more.  This is meant to take about 8-12 weeks to complete however if you are anything like us, you may take a bit more time as you stop and really dig into al the good stuff that is packed into this one. We took a very leisurely approach to our travels through Ancient Greece and enjoyed a great deal of the additional resources recommended.





Because, I admit it, I get overwhelmed when it comes to something that has lots of “steps” within it, I am ever so grateful for the Travel Planner: Quick Stop Itinerary which is provided. With these handy pages, I know exactly what to expect at each stop we make. And since I tend to be such an unorganized organizer (does that make sense to you?) it helps me to see quickly just what we need for each day. Whether we are adding to the Snapshot Moments or Postcards; writing for the Greek Weekly or preparing the Map of Greece, I can quickly and easily locate and gather what we need. That’s a huge relief right?



We got to work right away when this arrived! My son was so excited (and this is a rarity for him as of late!).  We sat down and printed everything (I warn you, it is quite a bit) so that we could begin our travels. My kids all thought it was so cool that they had a passport and a little suitcase (lapbook) to keep track of all they learn on their travels.


We prepared the Scrapbook of Sights and the Snapshot Moments timeline right away. And while I thought we were done, my son wasn’t done for the day. He cut out all of the snapshot photos for the timeline.


As he cut we actually wound up completing a couple lessons because he had so many questions about who these guys were and what happened and when exactly. The fact that this is all woven into Biblical events too was a huge bonus. That really got his curiosity piqued because he is my “pastor in training” always studying the Word. 🙂



Can I say, this is not just a history class? There is so much more within this than you may imagine. We created maps of the Aegean Civilization and Greek World! We were reporters for the newspaper in Ancient Greece (my younger son said “there weren’t really newspapers back then LOL). What a fabulous way to encourage my reluctant writer to think a bit more creatively! Since he loves to draw it was great too that there were opportunities for him to illustrate stories, postcards of his travels, designing advertisements for the Trojan Horse Tours. Then there were the Audio Tours…these were great! We listened to these a lot while my son was creating various projects.





Each day we began our travels with a bit of reading. Great for my reluctant (Imagine that!) reader. Sometimes we would alternate reading the material and then he would narrate for me what we just read.  I like to make sure he is paying attention. 🙂 Some days this could be pretty involved – it’s important to prepare all of the materials before you get started – it was so worth it though. Creating maps and reading names and events – hearing my son put them together with Bible stories and verses; recalling details from our recent Percy Jackson reads – its a reminder that they are always listening. Even when we think they aren’t.





Being that my son is one of those kid that is very reluctant (dare I say a bit rebellious?) in his learning right now, it was so very refreshing to see him want to work on this each day. As he read (himself) and did the various projects within I saw him really curious again. He hasn’t been for some time. In fact, it has been a struggle getting him to do just about everything and this momma needed to be inspired and reminded of why we are home educators.  So as we travel together through Ancient Greece we are both seeing a love of learning come alive again. We are learning together.  Growing together. I mean, this is so much fun and so much inspiration to be more creative.  That is what it is all about if you ask me!  By the way, Home School in the Woods is currently working on an Ancient Rome study which should be out in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled. I know I am excited about this one.


HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study Reviews

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