By the Way Book Series ~~ Smokey Mountains ~ Here We Come! ~ Review


Our family doesn’t travel much (at all! lol) but as of late we have been talking about taking a vacation. How nice it would be to get away for a bit; to learn and explore some place new, as a family. The Smokey Mountains are once place that I would love to see. I imagine how lovely it is there; so different from Wisconsin.  Since we have been considering different locations to visit, and I had the chance to review Smoky Mountains ~ Here We Come! from the By the Way Book Series. Why not learn a bit more in an attempt to sway the family to visit the great Smokey Mountains. 🙂





Written by  Joy Budensiek these books are filled with amazing images and “Biblical truths that are seen in everyday life.” This book is approximately 48 pages in length and every single page is full of awesomeness! Photography, fun facts, scriptures…All pointing our children to the one true God, who created all things.



I love that the moment I opened it, two of my favorite scriptures were seen.  The very first page is a beautiful letter to parents; reminding us of God’s command written in Deuteronomy 6:7 instructing us to talk about God and share with our children (future generations) as we sit in our home, and when we rise up, at the end of the day and as we walk “by the way”. Its why we are home educators after all; so that we can use this amazing world that God created to learn and grow. Together. Through the eyes of faith as we seek to store up treasures in Heaven.


 My younger two were so excited to find that this book began with one of their very favorite challenges: how many things can you find?



My daughter loved that the main character (Lexi) was a girl and my younger son thought it was fabulous that another character shared his name (Alex).  All this enthusiasm and excitement and its just the beginning of the story book!  Follow along with Lexi and Alex as they spend time with their Uncle Ted, who is a forest ranger, exploring and learning all about the beauty of God’s creation around us. Sing a hymn, learn about historical spots, creatures that live in this area, even the weather and music made on the mountain dulcimer. We are music lovers so this was a really fun little thing to explore!




My oldest son loved that there was a section all about Geocaching because this is his newest favorite thing to do when the weather is nice enough for us to all get out. He also loved learning about the history of this area as it related to the Civil War.  He also thought it was amazing (as we compared the two areas with a map) that there are more trees in the Smokey Mountains than there are in all of Europe. Pretty amazing!



I was in awe at the pictures; every page was full of images that made me want to pack up the car and go! ha-ha  Science, geography, character training,  history – these books are full of fun details and brought about lots of great conversation! At the same time, these also help our children to learn and see Jesus all around us.


We learned about bobcats and skunks and Champion Trees. We learned about what must be the longest trail ever. Beginning in Georgia and running all the way to Maine, it goes through 14 different states, Who wants to hike that one?






There were so many times as we read this book that we had to stop and look for more. There were also many times that we stopped to talk about a bit of wisdom for our own life. The importance of understanding and finding the path God has for each of us and then following close as we can, to our Lord. Forgiveness and grace. Love and stewardship too. These were things that we saw woven throughout the pages of this book.



Did you know that, according to Dr. Jeff Meyers of Summit Ministries: “19 out of 20- Christian parents and grandparents do not talk to their children about God and spiritual truths in their daily lives.”




It is so important for our children to see things with a Biblical worldview. It is so important for them to see and understand how the things written with the pages of the Bible are for us today. They are wisdom given by God for us to uses in our lives, that we can be salt and light to the world. We are huge fans of By the Way, by the way, and definitely encourage you to enjoy these books with your family!


Nature Books With A Biblical Worldview {By the Way Book Series Reviews}

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