Blogging the Alphabet 

It is almost time to go. We are heading to Indiana for a fun weekend Bible quizzing.

Unfortunately we were up all last night with our little one who was throwing up. This seems to happen every time we have plans to go out of town.
As I finished packing and prepare to go I remember God’s command to us.


We are to go and make disciples. We are to go and speak boldly the word of God. For there are many who have needs that only He can fulfill.




I think of the many people throughout the world who have never heard. How many people do we meet every day who don’t know? They don’t know because we do not speak.
We need to go forth.  We need to do so with truth and with love. I was behind it the other day when my oldest son really frustrated me, really let me down, that those times we need to pray all the more. And love that much deeper.  ♡




We need to go before the throne of God. We need to take those we love to Him. How desperately I pray that I would be more faithful. But I would hear him and go without hesitation period without doubt.



A Net In Time Schooling




But what good is faith if others do not see? And how can others see if we do not GO?



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