Who’s In Control? 

I might be a bit of a control freak. Just a little bit. I might be one of those people that has a perfect vision and sometimes can handle the reality of things. My vision and God vision for life tend to be quite a bit different.  And what are we to do?

I have always taken solace in the fact that at least I know I have issues with control.  The idea of surrendering has never been something I am good at.  Truth because there are times I have made a huge thing because I can’t surrender it would have turned out so much better if I hopefully would have just let go. 

  • What am I trying to control?
  • What do I crave having control over?
  • What do I fear losing control of?
  • Am I angry because I’ve lost control of someone or something?

This really is an amazing book for those of us who have issues with anger and anxiety. It challenges us to deal with the sin beneath the sin. And it helps us learn how to hold and fold.

She talks about how as we try to control things we can’t control we lose control the one thing we can — ourselves! 
I say Amen!

She gets a new perspective on some of those women in the Bible we probably don’t see as control freaks at all. Its another perspective; ugly insights into selfishness from the very beginning and the heart that craves it. 

Its not always pretty but it is so true.  It is eye opening and inspiring.  Shannon gives hope to all of us super controlling gals showing us that we CAN be free.  Truly free.  


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