Eclectic Foundations ~ Review

I love language arts! There is something so powerful in the art of reading and writing; it is a love I strive to impart to my children. Having one that is just learning to read, and another that loves to but is struggling,  I was more than happy to review Eclectic Foundations and their language arts program,  Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level A.  There are 3 levels available ( with another level coming soon) as a physical or downloadable format; we received physical materials for this review.

Language Arts {Eclectic Foundations }

This program is an amazing language arts program. It has everything you need: phonics, grammar, handwriting, reading comprehension, spelling, poetry and even includes comprehension. It includes a Teacher’s Guide as well as a student workbook. There are 144 lessons in all; it is recommended if you do lessons four days a week you can complete this program in about 36 weeks. Did I mention this is also a multi sensory program? I wish I had known of this when my oldest was little.  🙂 

Language Arts {Eclectic Foundations }

These are such fun lessons! They are short, simple, and full of activities to aid any style of learning! 
For example: learning the letter “A”: sing the alphabet song together and then using playdough we rolled it out and covered the lower case and capital letter on the page. They also recommended using wax sticks or pipe cleaners (the mess that comes with playdough stresses me just a bit I admit! After we thoroughly cleaned the table and floor (how does this make such a big mess? LOL)  we played a fun game. Did I mention we used yard too? 

Other times I would read a list of words and my daughter would point to a happy face or a sad face depending on which words started with the letter sound we were working on. 

Some days she wanted to just make the face herself instead. ha-ha. 

Another activity would have her circle all of the “a” (or whatever letter we were working on” in a page. 

And there were always fun Mother Goose rhymes to read and sing together. She loves to sing! These were in the Teacher’s Guide. 

She would practice writing the letter too sometimes on a dry erase board, sometimes on paper.  We used shaving cream once too; sand or a pan of flour is also a fun way to do this. Especially when you can change the color of it!


There were fun mazes to do; following a letter to the other side. 

As we progressed we would read together and as she heard the letter sound she would point to a line with a smile face at the beginning or in the middle or at the end. I love that this also helps practice listening skills and focus.

 There are even tic tac toe games throughout the lessons. (That is a huge favorite in our house!)

I am so very impressed with this program! It is much more than I had expected and I count this one as a real blessing to our family. We are not only completing this program but I am excited to move on to the next level too. 

This doesn’t just teach letters and language arts; it is also a program I do believe teaches a love of learning. And that is a main goal for me and my kids in our home education. I am so grateful for the opportunity to use this with my daughter! 


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One thought on “Eclectic Foundations ~ Review

  1. Simple, thorough and effective – with a little fun thrown in – sounds like a winning combination to me! Thanks for sharing about your experience with Eclectic Foundations Language Lessons.

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