Blogging the Alphabet

Okay, I am about a week late on this one.

I don’t know why but lately I have just been, not busy, in fact, I think the opposite.

What can I call it? Un-busied? LOL


Anyway this morning I was struck as I read, by the need for and the great value of, humility.


Can we humble ourselves? Before God? Before one another?






We need to be humble. We really do. But do we really know what it means?


I looked it up; I admit it. I read this:


Humility is defined as the condition of being humble. The word humble means (1) not proud or arrogant; (2) feeling insignificant, inferior or subservient. Proud means overbearing, haughty. Arrogant means (1) making unwarrantable claims to superior importance; (2) haughty or overbearing. Haughty means disdainfully proud. And disdain is to look upon or threat as beneath oneself.



We are told again and again:

  • be clothed with humility
  • humble yourself before the Lord
  • God hears the cry of the humble
  • God gives grace to the humble


In the Bible humility is also referred to as meekness, lowliness, absence of self. The Greek word for “humility” in Colossians 3:12 means “lowliness of mind.”


Humility is a heart issue. It’s about so much more than what is seen.


Isn’t that the Gospel truth?


He promises grace, eternal life, to those who are humble, poor in Spirit.


Let us come before Him (and each other) with a humble heart.











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