Slow Down 

Time goes by so quickly it seems. 

Looking at the calendar the other day I was surprised to see but winter is almost over. And I was quite disappointed with the lack of now we have gotten this year here in Wisconsin.

Needless to say we were all secretly thrilled when we heard that a major snow storm was coming our way. 

Okay so maybe the fact that this blizzard happened on the week my husband is in Texas caused me to lose a little bit of that excitement….

Because for a moment I worried about how I would get the kids to Scouts and to hockey… they couldn’t possibly go without these activities!

But I heard that voice that said I need to slow down. Then my two little ones came down with a nasty stomach bug….. isn’t it funny how sometimes we need to slow down…. yet we can’t slow down… so these things happen.  We have no choice but to slow down. 

It is still snowing outside. A wonderful friend from church came over to plow our driveway so we can get out if we need to.  What a blessing! And yes I found but as I look outside and watch the snow falling down and watch two of my four children having so much fun in all this snow, I am glad to be able to just be home.  

I have a blanket and a stack of books. I read and I write a bit while I watch and rest with my sick little ones.  It’s a blessing to have this day.  It is a beautiful day. 


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