Blogging through the Alphabet

Another week has gone by…..

How are these das passing me by so quickly?


It got me to thinking (because all of us were sick at some point this week with a simply awful stomach bug ) how much are we really getting done each day?

Are we being Intentional about things?


As I rested, and cared for my poor sick babes this week, it occurred to me that more often than not the “work” they are scheduled to do each day, is stuff that I feel they need. I have fallen into “school” just a bit as of late. We have stepped away from inspiring and moved (again) more to requiring.


I want my children to love learning. I want to love learning again too.


But it takes more than just desire. We are told to seek first the Kingdom of God.


Certainly that matters so much more than all other things.


And yet – when my 11 year old is still struggling with 3rd grade level math – when my younger son still struggles with his reading – my daughter is soon to be six – why do I think she needs to be independently reading right now?


I must have recently lost my mind! ha-ha


I have been going over the files on my computer; saved emails too. And I too, have a plethora of files and downloads for study … yet I am not beign intentional about seeking after all of these materials.


Seek – its a verb. We need to seek after wisdom, and peace and love. All of this, it won’t just come to us, we have to do something in order to obtain it. We need to intentionally go after it. We need to take action; determine to have it in our life.



All of the books and websites and requirements that we check off (or don’t check off but put on our list of things to do) require action. Let us be intentional and active. For in all things that we do, we do them as for Christ. If that doesn’t motivate you and me to do more; to be more faithful and intentional, what else could?



A Net In Time Schooling



Righteous, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost….that’s the Kingdom of God.

Seek – its a verb.


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