It’s About Love

Earlier today I was considering making a change, a big one, in my kids home education.


You see, a huge part of our home learning centers around the Bible.

We believe that the Word of God needs to be the center of all things as we learn and so we are heavily involved (and absolutely love) Bible Quizzing.


My kids have been in the program since my oldest was 6 years old (its been almost 6 years);my three oldest love the friends and I love how fun it has been through the years. Not only have they had wonderful fellowship but they have been blessed with wonderful mentors, all while hiding God’s word in their heart.






I don’t know how my kids do it – I don’t know how any of these kids do it – over 100 verses memorized every year. These kids can recite a verse based on just one word; ask the to tell you a verse in a specific chapter and they can do that too.  Without missing a beat. If you ask me this speaks to how God really does bless those who seek after Him. Because Bible Quizzing is fun – but it is a ton of work too. If you want to do it right.


Its amazing. And its powerful. And it is, for me, the most important thing for my children to learn. For if they gain the whole world but lose their soul…What does it profit? This is worth it; more than anything else.


And yet in the last month or so I admit I have been so very tempted to give it all up.  I call it taking a break but honestly…How many times do we really the a break from something? More often than not whether we mean to or not, we walk away. Completely.


We have struggled. A lot. This year has been harder for my kids than any other. We have faltered and we have agreed we should take a break. And then, God reminds us of why we do this. Not for trophies. Not for ribbons and medals. These are great fun to have but they are not eternal.


I watched as my kids quizzed today (I watched online while they were up north) and every match they lost; every struggle they had made me more convinced that we needed to just let this go. What if all of this work to learn the Word, to hide the Word in our hearts, is really not drawing them nearer to Him? What if all the work they do, all the time they invest, all the ribbons and trophies they don’t get, is causing a resentment to build up?



I want them to know the Word. I want them to love the Word most of all though. I admit it, I determined that we were done for the year. I stopped watching; I went to pray. To ask God to forgive me for being unable to continue faithfully in this. For wanting to just quit. I felt HIs presence surround me as I struggled and begged him for my kids, to see some fruit from their great labour. Not for me. For them.



And then my husband messaged me (not in frustration for once today) and said their teams took 1st and 2nd place.  Out of nowhere – at a tournament that was impossible for us to win – really impossible. Because all of us were super sick this week with an awful stomach bug so there was very little, if any, real reciting of verses. And my husband was in Texas all week for work so….It should not have happened. But God….



Where is your heart? I ponder how many of us know the Word of God and have His revelation yet He doesn’t really have our heart. What we are doing … does that give us a greater hunger for him? There is a way that is right. We must walk in that way. What does it profit if we gain the whole world yet lose our soul? Do not lose your first love!



We study it daily, as a family. We know so much of it and yet….Sometimes we take for granted how precious it is. We forget that all of the best things require hard work. A lot of it. The trials we go through (the fruit we do not see) we cannot allow that to cloud our vision. We must keep our eyes on Jesus.  We must simply be faithful, be diligent, be determined to learn HIs word because we LOVE HIs word. Because we love HIm.






I love that God takes the time to remind me that there is more to this than my kids being number one. There is more to this than I can see. On a day when to anyone looking, the odds were totally against us, God stepped in. And He restored joy to my children, to my husband, to myself (I admit it).  We shall not quit. We must endure to the end; what could possibly be worth missing out on the love and the relationship we have with Jesus, because of the time we spend each day, in His word. What could be a great testimony to His goodness, than children and families, dedicated to learning and loving Him?


When we seek FIRST the Kingdom of God all else will follow. 

We simply have to believe.


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