For Today

I am guilty of making extensive, crazy to-do lists each day.

As a home educator with four kids, I make myself crazy almost every day.

Do you do it too?


The number of things I expect myself to complete each day; it’s impossible!


And yet…I had this same experience today. Most days.


I am being honest here – I seem to struggle with learning this one – I want to get it all done. I want to organize and keep a perfect home; neat and tidy. Everything in it’s place.



With four kids? What makes me think that is even slightly possible? 😛



Frustration with the children because I am not getting done what I see as being what needs to get done.





How easy it is to forget that our number one priority is our children and our husband.



The refrigerator can be cleaned out later (Its not that bad) and carpets can be cleaned in good time. As my children excitedly call for me to “come and see” and “look at me” how I need to remember to take a moment and take a breath. Smile and be excited that they are excited. Be happy that they are learning and growing and exploring.



This won’t last forever. When they call to me – no eye rolling, no exasperated sighs and groaning “what now?” – because they are the priority right now. They are my work; my most precious duty.



There are things to do. There always will be. But these moments – full of curiosity and excitement, enthusiasm and thrill – when every thing is new and they want to share it all with me! It is a great blessing. One I must be more thankful for. Even on those hard days. My list doesn’t matter (not so much as I think it does_ for one day, I will not answer for the sticky floors and the dusty blinds; I will not be held accountable for the toy bins that are not organized and the books that are piled on a shelf instead of nearly stacked by size…


I must be about my Father’s business. For those things that matter most are those things that matter eternally.


❤ ❤ ❤





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