Blogging the Alphabet ~

And here we are, meeting again, as we blog the alphabet. 😀

As seems to be fairly standard for me, I am a bit behind in my blogging.
Catching up from a week of everyone being sick with an awful stomach bug; its amazing how much needs to be done after only a week of doing nothing. 😛

Sometimes that feeling of being behind, unable to keep up or catch up makes us want to give up.


That’s when we need to JUST keep moving.


Times like this, I lean on these sweet and wise words from Elisabeth Eliott:


This past week that phrase has been a mantra in our home.



So much meaning within the word JUST:


JUST, a. L. justus. The primary sense is probably straight or close, from the sense of setting, erecting, or extending. orderly; due; suitable. Full; true; proper;  In a moral sense, upright; honest; having principles of rectitude; conforming exactly to the laws, and principles of rectitude in social conduct; equitable in the distribution of justice; as a just judge; living in exact conformity to the divine will. 




I think of Paul; he kept moving. He endured, pressing on towards the goal for the prize that is Jesus. JUST fix your eyes on eternity. Don’t look behind, don’t look to the side; JUST look on Him.



The Book of Job speaks of how the righteous JUST keep moving forward; when we have clean hands we become stronger and stronger. We just need to look ahead.



We need to just press on; those times when we feel like we JUST can’t keep on, let us remember that we press on because Christ has made us His own. We have promises; if we JUST keep on.  His Word is a lamp to our feet, His Word is a light to our path.


There is not a just man on earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not. (Ecclesiastes)

Hopkins Homeschool



Let us rest in knowing that God is JUST. 



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