Father’s Starter Kit: Manhood Journey Review

We have two boys who are almost 12 and 8 years old.  I call them my “Little Men” (partially due to a love of that very book). My husband works a lot; he wasn’t raised in a Christian home (nor was I) and so we are always looking for direction to help our boys as they grow and become the men that God has planned for them to be. When I was given the opportunity to receive, for review, the Manhood Journey Father’s Starter Kit from Manhood Journey & City on a Hill Studio, I was really excited and hopeful for my boys!


A couple of months ago my husband began taking a co-worker of his to a Bible Study; initially he brought along my oldest son. I thought this was great because honestly, I really struggle with encouraging them to spend time together, in a positive (and unplugged) way. Especially since my oldest son and I are totally different (oil and vinegar most days?), I know that there are many things he needs that he is not getting from me. Especially as he gets older, there are those things he can only truly learn, from another man. What better way to encourage the men in my life than with a program that is Biblically based and meant to help fathers to disciple their sons?


I was stunned at all of the good materials that were included in the set we received for this review! We received a copy of the book Wise Guys, along with two books for journalling, and a DVD. There is one to be used as a guide for group discussion and then another for those discussions that take place one on one. These are full of wonderful pointers and activities for father and son. This is everything you need for your father and son to begin walking together; father mentoring son, towards a closer walk with Jesus.  The  is recommended for ages 8-17 and is meant to be a six week program, and with the guides provided, its was to get started no matter how many or how few.


The DVD that is included has introductory videos for each week; these seemed something that were more focused on the leader (father not so much son).  There were also some Map brochures to help guide you through all of the sections included in this program. My boys both really like maps (especially when it shows them their progress as it is happening). Isn’t it fun to mark where we have been and where we are going?

coh_horiz_logo_white-orange_zpspft7bk6sManhood Journey: One on One Guide – this is a wonderful little book that encourages our fathers to build their relationship with their son; to know God, serve others and talk with God. With this guide fathers can be inspired to spend time and have meaningful, powerful conversations with their sons about godly manhood.

Each session begins with a Word to Dad to encourage and give direction as you journey, together. There are five foundational concepts given:

  • Trust God
  • Know God and His Word
  • Pray Fervently
  • Serve Others
  • Build Relationships

This little book is full of tips to encourage and guide conversation; the pages of full of scripture to share and learn, memorize and pray over together.

If dad isn’t sure what to say, they have plenty of scripts in the pages of this book to help with that.For my oldest son this is a huge benefit too because he just isn’t the type to start talking. And I think its great that he looks forward to this time, just him and his father, for him to have the time to express himself. For my husband to take the time to listen.

Embark on your journey: Each lesson begins with a Word to Dad; from there the pages are contain Theme Verses to write in your journal notebooks. there are tips on scripture memorization (our kids are Bible Quizzers so memorization of scripture is totally our thing!), there is encouragement to go deeper and lots of questions to ponder together.

As this journey progresses we consider the purpose of obedience, Jesus’ journey as both a boy and a man. We determine to love our neighbor and devote ourselves to prayer. The tips remind us to pray for those who are lost; to share what we are thinking. This encourages father and son to pray together and for one another.

There is so much that is covered in this simple little study. From Working Well, to having Clean Hearts, dispelling those Manhood Myths and Standing Strong.

If we are honest, it isn’t easy growing up in society today; not for anyone but it is especially hard for our boys. They are told so many different things; so much is taught to them that is contrary to the Word of God and if we are not sure what the Bible says, how can our boys ever claim their heritage in Christ? How can they grab hold of His promises for themselves and their generation?

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